Time Travel Could Fix Major MCU Plot Holes In Avengers Endgame

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30 thoughts on “Time Travel Could Fix Major MCU Plot Holes In Avengers Endgame”

  1. if 2023-captain america went back to return the stones, stay and led a normal life, how is he suppose to still exist in hulk's, bucky's and James Rupert's memories when he was never captain america?

  2. One plot hole is the fact that Janette Aged in the quantum realm, and she was really only supposed to be in there for like 2 days according to the logic Antman gave in the endgame, so that was weird, cause Antman was in there for 5 years and he said he was in there for 5 hours as time and space work differently down there

  3. I would like my opinion to be heard.

    there are two types of "time travel"
    one is "going back in time" to "relive" your past self, and if you did any changes to that past, it will manifest when you get back in present.
    and there's the second one which is "going back in time" to also "see" your past self, which is much confusing, and which is NOT considered a time travel, because that IMO is an "alternate universe travel".

  4. Avenger end game spoilers down below:

    Thanos gets killed. Avengers time travel gather stones in the process thanos from 2014 finds out then goes to future via nebula going to the present and transporting him to the future then the avengers Wakanda asgardians etc will have an epic clash against thanos and his army, turns out cap was worthy to hold Thor’s hammer and have an epic battle with thanos skip sometime the good guys win but leaving iron man dead in the process he gets a funeral everything goes back to normal But the avengers have to put back the infinity stones back to where they got them from (back to their timeline) sending captain America back to the past while finishing to return all the stones captain America turns extremely old by will making sam(the falcon) the new captain America.
    For the rest of the details watch the movie for urself I’m not bothered writing anymore. Watched the movie in #Australia 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  5. Is this a plot hole. In Thor 1 Thor breaks the rainbow bridge on asguard and is unable to use the bifrost to go back to earth to visit Jane. Loki even days as Thor is smashing it that he will never see her again. He eventually rebuilds it but how come when asguard was destroyed in ragnarok Heimdal was able to still summon he bifrost?? Thor does aslo later with his new ax seems like an oversight even though the say oh yea Thor can summon the bifrost what by Frost the portals gone?

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