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  1. You cant have it both ways. The mcu wants you to believe that nothing you do in the past changes this current time line but the undoing of the snap which occured 5 years ago does? How does that eben work, spiderman is returned immideately in 2023? Or 2018? In either case how did they mobilize so fast to show up for the big showdown? Why is peterparker still in highschool? 5 years later? Lol

  2. Actually he always married Peggy. The unnamed husband mentioned in Winter Soldier was actually always Steve.

    When they traveled in time the Avengers made alternate timelines (Loki in the original timeline is still dead but the alternate timeline Loki that escaped with the Tesseract is still alive) but when Steve did it at the end and didn't return via the time machine Sharon Carter and all of Peggy's children and etc. have to still be alive. Thus, Sharon is Steve's Great Niece. I know creepy right? It's like Luke kissing Leia all over again!

    Time Travel rules are very different in Endgame. So at the end Steve didn't make two of himself but when the Avengers did the time heist there are alternate Steve's.

    Look it up on the MCU wiki. Everything actually makes since and it only seems complicated at first but in truth it's quite simple.

    The rules are very different the Back to the Future and other films with time travel. In the MCU simply put they don't go back to their time but in the past or future of another reality (that's why things can happen differently but it can never affect their MCU timeline). When Steve goes back to return the stones where each team took them from (The Ancient One for example) that other timeline still exist (if he didn't do it several "nasty timelines" as Professor Hulk worded it would happen and destroy all of them).

    I hope this helps you understand how "time travel" works in the MCU.

  3. The time travel is simple. Everyone gets all caught up on the bullshit from the movies about how if you go into the past you can change things in the future, and they shouldn't. That's all bullshit. The truth of time travel is that time is malleable, it can bend and change and twist and turn, and ultimately heals itself. Basically, you can go anywhere, any-when, for any length of time, do anything you want, and time will ALWAYS sort itself out. Time is constant, and can't be changed. No matter how hard you try.

  4. You are using back to the future science, they said in the movie, thats not how it works. Ok after an entire day, I figured it out. I'm thinking it only makes a new timeline if the stones are removed and it's permanent if they're not put back, because just how the 3rd dimension revolves around the stones, so does time (the 4th dimension). So basically the main timeline of the MCU is actually a line, a loop, a line, another loop, a line, another loop, a line again, and it's always been like this, so Thanos always knew about his future, (until the stone was removed), hence why he thought he was destiny, because he kinda was. Basically his future was actually the past. Soo, because the stones were removed before Thanos and Gamora left 2014 and went to future, basically when Tony snapped he removed them from that timeline AND the alternate timeline, he has the time stone remember, so in the actual timeline (the loopy timeline) there is a Thanos who knows about his destiny buuut the power stone and soul stone are back in their original places thanks to cap. (This could've brought Nat back but, if we look at time as another dimension, like our perceived 3rd dimension, this doesnt happen. Because the removal of the soul stone by Nat and Clint would've happened linearly in the stones timelines. And with the power stone, cap could've fixed all of this. He used the mind stone to make quill forget about the whole being knocked out thing, re-sealed the door, gave quill his tool back and put back the stone. I don't know where he got the orb for it from, could've just got one made, probs by the ancient one. And Thanos would do everything the same to make sure he fulfilled his task. He probably went back to 2012 first, it had the most issues, but if he got back the stone to where it had to be he'd be fine. Basically, he would just have to grab it after Tony dropped it and get it back to 2012 Thor or 2012 Tony, not too hard. So, it's a bunch of loops, closed timelines, no objects without origin (thank God), and magic inifity stones makes 0 sense at all. But then again neither does the big bang, because every explanation need something to exist before hand, so then how did that form and that and that.
    Long story short, basically what the ancient one and Banner said.

  5. She had Alzheimer's. She was old. And probably only remembered up to when Cap went under in 1945 which was a traumatic experience. I believe he didn't go back immediately. Maybe a few months after. So she doesn't remember her life with him but only before he went under. When he returns it's way after from him but only a few months for her.

    Cap also knows he went to visit her. So he obviously made sure he wasn't there when the young Cap visits. He's probably grey haired too so no one noticed the resemblance

  6. If you think about it,all of those time traveling become completely unnecessary at the end, because thanos didn't even had any idea about what he did back then. Back then he was still starting to collect the stones. And that was before infinity war. So if you think about, that thanos in that timeline before infinity jumped into the future and he got killed there. That means he never got the chance to collect the stones and the snap never happened. All of those pointless steven Spielberg thing they pulled off became unnecessary. They only wanted to bring thanos one last time.

  7. my theory concerning Thanos traveling future in time: The Thanos that appear in the preset is a alternate timeline Thanos. When they took the stone and travel to the present they created a different timeline. This Thanos is the one they fought at the end. Meanwhile the main timeline Thanos continues to do his thing in Infinity War.

    edit: When Captain America return the stone they would've patch up the alternate timeline and made it non-existent.

  8. Try a circular timeline instead of the modern unquestioned linear. Captain America could not change his past, i.e Endgame while in his present Life. The only thing that could change the past is if the Infinity Stones were not there to keep the structure of time.

  9. I believe that alternate timelines were created from timeline from where they stole the stone (which would be 4 in total). Let me explain how – So their basic idea was that after undoing snap they would return the stones from the moment they were taken to their respective timelines so that no new alternate timeline is created, the problem with that is it was said in the movie that whatever you do in the past can't affect the future so this rule also apply to the alternate timelines that are created. For example : taking reality stone from asgard creates new timeline so even if cap returned the stone it would not affect the new alternative timeline because returning stone was in the past and that new alternative timeline is the future which would have no affect.

  10. Original timeline peggy does not marry steve thats just everyone trying to make sense of the confusion that is endgame. Old steve should 100% not be able to see our current avengers and thats the rules the movie itself set and broke.

  11. People are forgetting that Peggy died, so how would the funeral have gone down? None of CA2 would've worked so people saying Captain America somehow staying in the same timeline and living his life in secret wouldn't have affected anything is wrong

  12. CHANGING THE PAST DOESN'T CHANGE THE FUTURE …the splinting timelines and alternate timelines make sense here to, The Old Steve Rogers will live with Peggy in an alternate timeline then he can return to his timeline..remember, whenever they travel to the past in this movie or take an infinity stone from the past they create an alternate timeline and they return from that alternate timeline to their own future using the quantum tunnel and the space time GPS devises..so it would be logical for the old Captain America to return to his own future after Peggy's death. The point is sine he didn't return with the quantum tunnel that Banner was operating, He should have used another on…he could have used a quantum tunnel in that alternate timeline he lived in with Peggy (Let's say Hank Pym still invents it like he did in Ant-man and the wasp) and traveled back to pass the shield to Sam Wilson.

  13. The old Captain America could have asked an alternate Hank Pym to let him use his Quantum Tunnel (or guide him to build one earlier than the original timeline) and use that to go back to his own timeline

  14. Issues Solved:

    1. Different Thanos. Obviously, shown by a different Gamora and Nebula.

    2.) Different timeline, same Captain America.

    3.) There are 12 different timelines (Give or take), and +7B different possibilities on Earth alone colliding, and far more within the universe (Trillions or more), causing and "infinite" (Something about a war within the franchise should say something here.) rift with MCU's time/space continuum.

  15. im rewatching the final like i just commented on ur video before this video, and i noticed when black panther took the gauntlet from hawkeye, u could see antman in giant form carrying one of them big flying whales, i forget what they are called lol, but before that he was just in the car with hope fixing the quantum machine lol, that was a big mistake, literally lol. thats kinda surprising how something like that went past editing in a russos movie, but this movie is one of the best movies so its gonna have a couple or so big flaws or mistakes, then ofc the other smaller mistakes

  16. cap going back doesn't create a timeline as long as his life doesn't change the events that brought him there. He can be there twice in the same line. He just has to step away when his younger self arrives and let peggy pretend she never saw him.

    See it this way : he was there ALL ALONG !

  17. It's all too confusing. Thanos from 2014 totally left his timeline and went to the future. So there isn't any Thanos there from 2014 onwards to do the hell he did in Infinity War….. Aargh it's so confusing! Headache!

  18. He always goes back to live with Peggy in EVERY timeline. There is a cap in the ice and a cap with Peggy. Past Thanos ALWAYS jumps to the future to steal the stones. These are constants. They will remain consistent as long as the future version does not die before the past version. The fight between the 2 Captain Americas proves the concept of 2 versions of the same character in the timeline simultaneously.

  19. Another theory I have is Iron man isn't really dead. Basically Tony stark switched and the Ironman from the battle of New York made the snap at the end of endgame.

    The Tony stark from 2023 decided to go to a different reality which is similar to the end fight scene in endgame. BUT here's the twist . It wasn't Tony who made the snap , it was Vision from a new timeline

  20. @Alteori, Here is another theory Whenever you are time traveling back into the past. You are not exactly going to the same timeline or universe that you are currently from. You are going to an alternative universe that is 99.9% similar to the current universe that you are from but that is not exactly the same universe. So altering changes in the past does not make changes to the future in the movie. That's why when the future nebula kills the past nebula. The future nebula should die or disappear from existence right away. Or even when nebula and Gomorrah changed their course after finding out future nebula the future nebula should have disappeared because all the action afterward has changed. Thus future nebula should have disappeared right away if they were originating from the same universe and timeline. I was wondering why it did not happen like back to the future. It does not since they are from the alternative universe that is very similar to their universe but just in the past. Unless you can somehow go back to the past of exact same universe as ours and make changes there and somehow come back to the exact same universe without losing it's way and not going to the divergent line. In the movie it seems like going back is more like going into other alternative universe timeline and coming back is always the same universe.

    That's why also sorcerer supreme says that when you take away stone your universe will flourish but ours will perish and makes another branch.

    In theory, it is really hard to travel back to the exact same universe as you are currently living in. If you travel back to the past and make the changes and comes to back to where you live. The changes will not apply since going back to the past using quantum is more like going into the past that is similar to our universe thus coming back to the future (the universe you are from) will not have changes you made in an alternative universe or due to butterfly effect the original universe has ripple effect from changes you have made in alternative universe perhaps side effect.

    But if that's true how did the old Captin come back to same timeline universe origin at the end though…
    Steve Rogers lived with Peggy in an alternate reality and waited till after she died to return to his original universe and timeline perhaps.

  21. Ant man and wasp movie – morphius lecturer guy explains there are multiverses. Exist out of sync from our reality but in the same space. That is where Ghost was going but she was not time travelling. In endgame time travel they go to an out is sync place but in the past. It is not our past.

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