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12 thoughts on “TIPS FOR UNIVERSAL ORLANDO 2019 – Q & A!”

  1. Omg I love this video so much and you actually really made me want to go to universal!! So now I know just to go on ET, watch the shows and take my hufflepuff shirt pic! And go into Hogwarts and make Scott ride alone lmao! And I love how you talked with your wand lmao love you ❤️

  2. I’ve been on the fence about universal for a while because living in Oregon getting to Florida was a hassle and so why would I waste a Disney day at universal and I’ve been to universal Hollywood one before the Harry Potter stuff opened and was just not impressed by the selection of rides. Orlando clearly has a better selection and I love thrill rides but I guess my issue is the lack of nostalgia and interest in some of the properties. Like with Disney I don’t love every Disney movie but not all the rides are themed to a movie and it has that nostalgia factor of being something I’ve always loved whereas with universal it seems like most of the rides are themed to a show or movie and I just don’t care for most of them. Like I’ve never seen ET, I don’t enjoy men in black, I’ve never watched the simpsons etc but like I love Harry Potter and I loved the mummy ride in Hollywood and I love those movies. Would it still be worth it for me, knowing that I’m either not interested in at least half of the rides/areas or the interesting theming won’t mean anything to me because I’ve not seen the property it’s based on?

  3. I am loving these videos because we are planning a Universal trip. Though I have a question. How do you get back and forth to the park from the airport? Do they have a bus like Disney does?

  4. Finnegans is also pretty good in universal. I’m not a big fan of simulators, so I like the rides more at islands, but I like the scenery and atmosphere more at universal. I think universal noticed that their last 2 simulators haven’t drawn in the same amount of crowds as their prior attractions, so they’re building more actual rides, like the new Potter and jurassic coasters!

  5. We do not do the wild rides either. But, we do the Cat In The Hat Trolley Ride. It is up high but very calm and not jerky at all. Also on the Minion Ride and others you can be in a different area that does not move the seats around. We had to do this as one person in our group had an injury. Not sure if this option is listed under handicap or physically challenged, but it was still fun even with being in stable seats that didn't move around. Still can be a blast.

  6. It's so good to see your smile today liz. I know Rip Ride Rockit is your favorite ride followed by Race through New York a close second but what's your third favorite? Jen can't go to Universal they don't have Walls that are photograph worthy. One word pizza fries 🍟. Ok two words.

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