To the West Coast! Leg 1 of a Private jet flight to California

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36 thoughts on “To the West Coast! Leg 1 of a Private jet flight to California”

  1. Appreciate the jump cuts of the panel; which seems nicely laid out. Modular. Lets me pause the video to soak in what I want. What does un-syncing vs. leaving the engines synced on final do?

  2. That was interesting to see more of the inside of your airplane.
    I have wondered if you had a toilet on board, but I have figured that you probably didn't.

    Now it has me wondering if you have ever had to dash back there and use it during a flight🤔🙂

    Great Flight, I enjoyed it very much👍

  3. Greg, One more query…I notice on rotation you apply significant rear yoke movement then relax a lot of that movement. I see that also in other videos with Citations, etc. Is that a "T" tail characteristic or a function of the wing design for the speeds jets obtain?

  4. You'd think it'd be a concern the fuel nozzle laying on the hanger floor like it did with the risk of picking up dirt or contamination. But I guess that's what fuel filters are for.

  5. Nice ride, good tunes, looks like we provided you with the usual Colorado turbulence downwind of Pikes, and I chuckled when the landing got longer, and longer… haha.

    KPUB will usually beat KCOS pricing on fuel by quite a bit, if you feel like going a little further south for your fuel stop.

    Safe travels.

  6. Watching your videos, it seems like most of your flying is under 1k miles. Hypothetically, ever consider changing to a longer range jet? If you did make that choice, what would you pick to replace the Premier?

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