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43 thoughts on “Top 10 BARS and PUBS in PENSACOLA!”

  1. Fuuuck. I missed Cradle Of Filth at Vinyl? I do have to agree about Maguires being #1. It's a great place. Love everything I have ever eaten there. Absolutely beautiful steaks, amazing fish meals grilled or fried. Their appetizers are just about meals as well. The bartenders are always on point and deliver great service. They also make their own root beer which is delicious. The menu is a little pricey but worth every bit of what you pay there for the quality and experience. It can be super busy at times so getting seated can take a little while. But that is one way to measure the quality of a place. And definitely get the Senate bean soup. Add a little hot sauce and its pure perfection. Yeah…I love this place a lot!

  2. Hate that nasty city…nothing but transplanted Yankees , towines ,liberals ,and hipster trash…the gulf of Mexico is the toilet bowl of the united states. The crime rate and homless rate is insane , along with the streets filled with junkies. I wish all those idiot that live and move over there to be salt life morons would stay in Pensacola instead of migrating into Santa rosa county. WE DONT WANT ANY MORE PEOPLE MOVING OUT OF PENSACOLA TO LIVE IN OUR COUNTY…IF PENSACOLA IS SOOO GREAT WHY IS EVERYONE LIVING OVER THERE LEAVING AND INVADING SANTA ROSA.

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