Top 10 Travel Hacks | Thailand Edition

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29 thoughts on “Top 10 Travel Hacks | Thailand Edition”

  1. Let me know if you've been to Thailand before and where you liked the most when you visited!
    Also there's a Minimalist Apartment Tour planned from the place we're staying at, so stay tuned!
    Hope you enjoyed watching, have amazing travels and I'm sending you much love!🙏

  2. Unsure why this lady's advising us about budgeting? I'm going to assume that she's there on the back of her extremely wealthy parents. I guessed this by her very pretentious thinking🤔😉😂

  3. We go to to Chiangmai for 3 to 5 months every winter. Love the people, the food and the weather. My advice is to pack very light. Everything you need is available there and generally at a lower price. Although there are ATMs everywhere, most stores only accept cash. If you rent a motorcycle, you are required to have a motorcycle license (international DL showing motorcycle) and wear a helmet. I am stopped in road check points several times a week and have never been fined, but I always have a valid DL and helmet.

  4. Very informative. I would never have guessed that they call it the rainy season because it rains a lot! And, when I travel, I always prefer to stay in my room and prepare my own food; that way I get the true experience of visiting a new place.

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