Top 10 worst neighborhoods in New York City. #1 was on HBO once.

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46 thoughts on “Top 10 worst neighborhoods in New York City. #1 was on HBO once.”

  1. Oh shit !! Bradley moved from his boring ass suburbs of Orange County California and off of some press articles and statistics is trying to educate others about what is and what is not a safe place in NYC. After all, not a bad idea if that may discourage more Bradleys and Staceys to relocate to NYC and incite them to stay in Lansing, Michigan or The Valley !

  2. Wow…you named 10 neighborhoods in NYC, even spelled 9 of them correctly. Brownsville in fact has an “S”, it is not called Brownville. Maybe visit before making dumb shit like this.

  3. When I went to NYC as a tourist in 2012, I stayed in Harlem and had a great time. The food is amazing. The locals are welcoming to tourists, probably because most tourists are scared and only ride past on those double-decker sightseeing buses. Amazing place to learn about African-American history. I got really drunk in the West Village, made my way back to my lodgings in Harlem on public transport, and never once felt unsafe. Oh, and I'm about as white as you can get. If you're a Christian, it's really worth going to a service at the Abyssinian Baptist Church, especially if there is music being featured that day. Harlem really made my stay in NYC extra special and I'd stay there again.

  4. One reason that i watched this, and that is my love for humans and New York. I have been in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhatten and Queens and have positive experience from all of them. What's in the heart, come's out of the mouth. I hear fear, judgement and straight negativity from the narrator. Can't see why it's necessary.

  5. Bruh this man said Midtown. What?
    Brownsville, East NY, East Flat Bush somewhat these area suck still, crime everywhere. Then you got Far roc, South Brnx, South Jamaica, etc.

  6. This guy reminded me how I lived in so many of the areas first the BRONX Tremont Castle Hill then moved to CHEALSEA 15th Street between 8th and 9th then Harlem 103 and Lex man I truly have experienced NYC

  7. I live on Tremont by the bx zoo and u r right and accurate Everything about it. Shootings robbery’s The drug intake between all demographics of age race And Mott haven I have to actually look behind my back when I go visit Female friends to make sure I dont get robbed

  8. I visit NYC every year for a few weeks and love it. I don't know what he is talking about. I from Boston and NYC is as safe as Boston. I always felt safe. I stayed in Chelsea, Hells Kitchen, Korea Town and Greenwich. Never had any problems. I love NY City

  9. Lived in NYC all my life never heard of Vinegar Hill. And Bro most of these area's in Manhattan is not bad, you can get mugged but by far the areas you are mentioning is great. You dropped the ball on this one. Harlem and everything above The upper east and west side of Manhattan. Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and even parts of Staten island is where you should have focused your attention on.

  10. I’m a white NY native. My job takes me to Mott Haven, Hunts Point, Tremont, Jamaica, and other bad neighborhoods. I’ve never been hassled or made to feel afraid. Maybe if you’re a tourist or acting like an asshole in these neighborhoods, you would have a problem, but they’re not the hell holes people make them out to be. Now, upstate NY is a different story…

  11. Amazing video.. i uploaded a video recently on my channel showing how i start my day living here in New York. If you find it interesting, do watch…thank-you.-..:-)

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