Top 15 Things to do in Montego Bay | The Planet D | Jamaica Travel Vlog

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24 thoughts on “Top 15 Things to do in Montego Bay | The Planet D | Jamaica Travel Vlog”

  1. So, a couple of observations. All these activities are not in Mobay proper. You would have to take a day excursion to do the horseback riding, Caves, Martha Brae, Dunn's River Falls,etc. Also, the correct name of the Beach is "Doctor's Cave Beach". It's private and they charge a $6 fee per person to enter and $6 each for a chair and umbrella if you want to rent those as well. Also mentioned is Dead End Beach, which is where the locals go because it's public. Go there if you want to get hassled by street vendors and guys trying to sell you weed every step of the way. as The so called Hip Strip (also called Gloucester Ave or "Bottom Road" by the locals) is primarily a series of souvenir shops, mostly owned by foreign nationals (Indians or Chinese), rather than Jamaican locals. There are some restaurant/bars mingled in there as well.

  2. Nice work. You in fact went to several locations beyond Montego Bay; to other parts of the north and south coast. Next time you go explore the south coast more starting with Kingston, then to the central mountain regions – the Blue Mountains. I have no doubt that you will produce another great video on those sections of the island. Great work!

  3. I would suggest getting out of mo bay and head to Nigril then take taxis to other smaller towns. Once you get off the main tourist places it gets way more relaxing.

  4. We're going this August. We've already signed up for the dolphin swim. Still trying to decide what other activities we want to get into. The horseback swim is an option

  5. My wife and I just returned from MoBay, we stayed at St James Preferred (4/8 -4/16). It was a great time! We did many of The same outtings, they all vary in cost, as well as there are many combinations packaged together. One of the packages we researched and signed up for was Chukka: Zip line, River Raft and Horse Ride Swim. It was awesome. We later found out there's a similar outting, by a different outfit, which offered: Zip lining, ATV, Horse Ride Swim and a day trip to Negril/Rick's Cafe, which was less expensive. Had we known about the latter, we would have chosen it. Our Horse Ride Swim was only 10 minutes, the other trip's ride in the water is much longer. The ZIP Line on our outting with Chukka was more in-depth and exciting. It was an actual guided jungle tour, which took about an hour!

    Do your research and you can find the tours at a lesser price and you can also create your own outtings, by hiring a driver.

  6. A great vlog overall. Highlights the different attractions Jamaica has to offer. However, many of the attractions that were mentioned isn't located in Montego Bay. So the title of the video is misleading.

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