Top 3 Best Las Vegas Buffets 2019

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  1. Only reason Bacchanal wasn't on the list is because sometimes it's hard to get in, and it's the most expensive also. I agree with 2 and 3, and they're way better than the number 1. Bellagio is way overpriced for what you get. My goto buffet is the Wicked Spoon (Cosmopolitan).

  2. The Aria?!! The Aria buffet is a joke. I’ve eaten there 3 times. The last time only because it was a comp and was angry at myself I waisted that time on extremely average food.

  3. Sometimes the price difference between a mid priced buffet and a high end place is 2-3 times the price. I always focus on the carving stations so it’s hard for me to justify the higher price especially when I’m traveling with family. Buffets are dangerous for me, I always eat too much because that is part of the experience and expectation. However, It is disheartening seeing people pile on food on their plate and then waste it.

  4. Yeah we went to the Bacchanal earlier this year and it was horrible! It was over 2 hour wait on a weekday lunch and we wasted the whole day feeling sick in our room for 10 hours. NEVER going back

  5. Love Wynn buffet! The price is high, but the food quality, and service is top notch! Bacchanal Buffet has a huge selection, but the food quality isn't worth the price. I think I would agree with this top 3.

  6. We were in Vegas at the tail end of July of this year for 7 days. We dined for dinner at the Wynn, Aria, and Baccahnal . We preferred the Wynn probably because we were there our last 2 days and it was free, our meal at Caesar's was also comped. At Aria we had a discounted price so we may be biased because free vs cash can do that. We enjoyed them all but give it to the Wynn food wise, they have a problem with which line guests and visitors should enter. They need to fix it and make it Crystal clear which line is correct.

  7. I disagree with the list. Not sure how and where he got those votes.
    Many factors go into what is the BEST Las Vegas buffet. PRICE, QUALITY and VARIED OFFERINGS. Like the Bacchanal has bone marrow, that no one else has. Unique and not for everyone. The SUNDAY BRUNCH at the Sterling Brunch at Bally's is top of the line gourmet, but is VERY expensive at over $100.00 per person and is only available on Sunday brunch. The Friday night ALCE Lobster tails at the Sterling Casino buffet is 1/3 the price of Bally's AYCE Lobster tails at $36.00, but is OFF STRIP. In my lowly opinion, the MAIN STREET CASINO Buffet is the best value at around $14.00 for dinner. Ditto for the new Palace Station buffet. But, with SO MANY buffets in Las Vegas, the "BEST" buffet is a matter of opinion and price point and location. If one spends ALL their time on the STRIP, they are not likely to venture OFF STRIP just for a cheap buffet. Ditto for people staying in the Downtown Casinos.

  8. I know Bacchanal is one of the best, it is at premium though it's fairly expensive. Aria is awesome, through the week you can get buffet all day for 60 bucks! Pretty good deal
    Ahhhh Vegas…..

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