Tortoise Sanctuary, Snorkeling & Kayaking in Antigua | Caribbean Travel Vlog

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20 thoughts on “Tortoise Sanctuary, Snorkeling & Kayaking in Antigua | Caribbean Travel Vlog”

  1. Hmmm, way back when we visited there were no all inclusive resorts. The main airport was just tarmac and a leaking tin roof shed to receive you baggage. Your shots of the inland area shows not much has changed. Our taxi driver had two flat tires
    on the way from the airport to harbor where our windjammer was docked. He told us they got used tires from barges that brought scrapped tires in all the way from NYC !!! Not of the tires on his car had any tread, if they did someone would likely pinch them. That said, the people were friendly and very welcoming.

  2. Ermagawd! I love turtles and tortoises, they're by far my favorite animals 🐢 I'm looking forward to seeing more of Antigua, the resort life looks nice but I'm far more of a streets and alleyways kind of girl. This is a great series guys.

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