Tour of a Five Star Hotel Room in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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25 thoughts on “Tour of a Five Star Hotel Room in Tashkent, Uzbekistan”

  1. Kick off MUZAK is Ab-Fab-u-lo-so!
    First video I have seen where you have been part of a conference, a group and not on your own.
    Must be a bit annoying (?) having people around you all of the time (??)
    Don't forget to do a thorough bed bug check, please.

  2. So cool man! Awesome that you get to hang with all those other vloggers. I'm a little jealous, lol, BUT i did just get to meet Chase from Adrenaline Addiction at a cliff jumping event here in Washington recently, so that was pretty great as well.

  3. Gabriel- take it from me, your free luxury hotel room is well deserved. You can hold your head up high at the conference, for amongst travel vloggers you are supreme. And believe me I've watched plenty of travel vloggers. Whilst you're in Tashkent, I'm hoping you might show us somerhing of the Tashkent metro- some of the stations are works of art and it has those wonderful Soviet style trains. From my investigations, I think photography is ok on the metro. Really looking forward to the videos of your exploration of Uzbekistan on your own. Have a great time at the confetence

  4. Nice to have a little luxury!! Enjoy! The accommodation Iโ€™ve booked for Uzbekistan averages USD$20 a night, for a private room with private bathroom in guesthouses/b&b/basic hotels. You can go even cheaper with hostel dorm rooms of course. Good value!

  5. Bloody Hell that's a nice room Gabe.. Enjoy your time there.. look forward to see some videos with other travel YouTubers in them if possible. Enjoy the conference.. Safe Travels.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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