Travel Breakthroughs and DJ RANT!

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  1. You’ve been DJing for years so the experience is unlimited really, your vlogs are insightful and helpful at what a life a DJ looks like (which I would never really see without them). It would be an honour to have a one to one session with you

  2. I don’t want you to teach me how to dj as everyone should be unique to some degree aha I just really want you to help me get me the gigs I very much deserve 😊 I’ve been doing this since I was 13😆I’m dyslexic (meh so what) and im now 22 💁🏼‍♂️and I haven’t stopped doing everything I know I can do to get me to those headlining spots I work so hard for… but I currently have nun 🧐( I have a plan but as time has shown I need a little helping hand on the Business side of it all being the dyslexic Kinda guy I am 😆but my Dedication and true passion in music production and mixing shows I haven’t let that implication stop me this far

  3. I saw Galantis live here in Vegas and I could totally tell they were faking all of their drumming. I tried to give the benefit of the doubt and assumed maybe they didnt have a way to setup fully at the club. hmm. .but it did arouse my suspicions.

  4. I already know how to dj, but I stopped djing publicly in the late 1990's. So since I want to start djing again, what better way to get tips 'n' tricks of what's happening in the modern dj scene? I would most definitely use this opportunity as additional motivation to get me started.

    Now regarding your "mini-rant," I never have and never will use a pre-recorded set. Since I'm old school, to me that's cheapening your skills. Not only is it boring, but you're not learning anything new from that. What if some people go to your shows back to back and hear the same mixes? Hahaha. That reminds me of this dj fails video where this asian female was ding and hidden underneath the dj table was the REAL dj mixing while she just looked pretty on stage. I was like, oh man that's corny.

    And I'm also not a fan of all the jumping around in the dj booth, making a show of yourself. I know modern crowds find that entertaining, but no thanks. Hope to talk to you soon!

  5. Hi Luke, I would love a dj lesson from yourself as your such an inspiration, a dedicated talented DJ/producer, I have been djing for a while and am just starting to get gigs so if I could have a dj lesson with your guidance that would massively refine my techniques and help my employability, peace and luv 🙌

  6. I would love to get a DJ lesson from you because you have over two decades of experience and you would be able to show me tips and tricks that otherwise would be impossible to know without so many years of dedication and practice! You are a big inspiration, Luke. Keep up with the videos! Much love from Canada =)

  7. The saying goes if you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Only one way to get around this its to practice and practice.
    There is no short cut even if technology is advancing at a rapid pace. It feels more authentic when you know what you doing and it gives a more engaging performance. Much love and respect for all you do from South Africa

  8. i think it is similar to winning in the lottery if you can watch luke and he teaches something to you personally 🙂 
    i also use empty bottles now for traveling, cause the water price is just nuts on airports. but unfortunately not every airport has tapped water 🙁

  9. Super interesting! Really enjoyed this one. My wife would never let me roll my clothes up when I travel. She would hit the roof!!! 😂 Have you ever thought about carbon offsets for when you travel? I do it now and takes a little guilt away. 😁😎

  10. It's not just A-list DJ's faking it that annoys me, it's all these pub/club DJ's who see it as a pay check and auto-mix their entire night without really caring about the crowd. It's no wonder the mainstream industry is in trouble. It's rare to find a good DJ who enjoys what they do and you can usually tell when you hear them.

  11. I want you to teach me how to DJ and producer because you really don't give a f***. You make music for yourself and you DJ for yourself. I want to learn that life style and I really want to learn about everything you know about music.

  12. Hay luke awesome vid on travel. I have a trip to Flow-rider coming up in Nov what’s your thoughts on Dj equipment and travel? I’ve read good and bad things regarding checking your equipment I would live to get your take. PS looking forward to to coming to Denver.

  13. Is your partnership with DDJ Tips going to affect your vlog tutorials? I've learned a lot from you and really appreciated the tips, tricks, and wisdom you have to share. Hope that doesn't go away now that you've made a deal with a tutorial service.

  14. Hey Luke, I think I should learn to DJ from you because I have had a pioneer controller for about two years now and I have tried to learn to DJ off of youtube and by myself but I think I am missing that mentor who can teach me to ACTUALLY DJ instead of what is happening nowadays

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