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  1. Mast video ahe pn ajun kahi goshti baki ahet js Europe mdhe rahych kuthe ani te kiti cost mdhe pdtat ani food ks ahe tithl ani te kiti cost mdhe pdtat ajun tumchya nazret kahi points missing asnr tr te pn next video mdhe share kare me waat bghtoy pudhchya video chi…. Lots of Love to You Both😘❤️ Ani pausa mule tumchi Car la kahi tari damage zal hot as insta vr tumhi story takli hoti tr mg ata Car thik ahe n ki kahi Jast Damage zal ahe….

  2. Informative video….I found that purchasing sim in country where we land first …..certainly not from airport but from a store in town can fetch you good deal. In our last trip in April 19 we landed in Budapest. We could get Vodafone sim from a Vodafone store in mall for around INR 800/- with decent data plan for one month and free pan Europe roming (There are no roaming charges across European Union now) . We were in Europe for self planned trip for 17 days and it worked very well…they needed passport and thats it.

  3. सुंदर तो आवाज, ऊर्मिला..।
    प्रवासी लोक बरोबर कोणत्या प्रकार चे घोटाळे (fraud) होऊ शकतात ते ही सांगा ना।।
    आणि तेथील खेड्यात राहणार असू तर सुरक्षा (safety) बद्दल पण सांगा।।
    खूप धन्यवाद..।

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