Travel Journal with Me // Beginner Watercolor + Collage

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36 thoughts on “Travel Journal with Me // Beginner Watercolor + Collage”

  1. Watching your videos has changed my perspective on the world in a more positive way. Now, thanks to you two, I believe that we can really make our lives the way we dream of and that the world is a beautiful place despite all the tragedies that happen. You inspire me to bring out my creativity and journal and draw/paint. Thank you so much!

  2. Guys, I’ve been traveling in turkey all summer and it’s the absolute best place I’ve ever been!! You’re so near, I really truly recommend you drive there after Greece, you won’t regret it!!

  3. OMG BEST travel journal EVER! Loved it so much, I cried at what you wrote in your book, so so beautiful.. And then I got soooooo excited to hear you're selling the stickers!! OMG I can't wait.. Love you guys, you bring me so much joy and I have butterflies in my heart now..Wishing you two all the best for your travels.. please feel free to chill out & slow down.. like that more often, it means probably as much to me as it does to you. You should be a poet! hehe xo Love from New Zealand.

  4. I love your travel journals so much! They always calm me down I try to watch them as I'm falling asleep they help me fall asleep usually haha.This time I watched it while I was crying about school and having so much anxiety lol. It helped me calm down a lot still feeling upset, but your videos are so peaceful! I always look forward to them! Also I really want an Ody sticker!

  5. Five minutes in and I’ve paused because I wanted to thank you 🙏❤️ This video is exceptionally beautiful, as is your artwork, energy and essence. For the inspiration and the calmness I now feel after a really long day 🙏❤️ Much love and thanks

  6. These videos are so relaxing! I'm going to be in a different part of Greece (south ionian islands) in a few weeks so this is the perfect way to prepare! How do you like the grip pencils? Would you recommend them?

  7. Hey just found your channel from watching your konmari room decluttering video.
    Your videos are beautifully filmed and edited, really calming to watch.

    Also this is
    such a good idea will definitely start a travel journal my next trip.

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