Travel Life Hacks You NEED to Know in 2019!

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48 thoughts on “Travel Life Hacks You NEED to Know in 2019!”

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  2. I heard a rummer that if you don't check in early and you are the last on the flight to check in you are the most likely to get bumped of a full flight

  3. here's a few travel hacks
    1: pack a small bag with some snacks like granola bars, crackers, small chip bags and maybe a chex mix that's what i always like to eat on the plane
    2: download some movies to watch while one your flight it will past so much time and maybe find a small movie player bring like 5 movies or more to watch if you don't want to carry another bag just download movies on Netflix
    3: download some offline games to play on your phone and download some music so you have something to do
    4: if you don't want to pack a lot of snack like if you have a morning flight or a later flight find a restaurant near you gate and eat some quick so you aren't really hungry and you can maybe just bring like two snacks for later

    5: the best hack like in the video is yes being a empty water bottle and fill it but if you want a soda and when i'm on a plane all they have are cokes which taste so gross on planes so if you don't mind buy a quick drink

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