Travel News | Is Hong Kong Safe for Tourists?

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14 thoughts on “Travel News | Is Hong Kong Safe for Tourists?”

  1. We went in July when the protests were still overall peaceful. At that time, there was no danger. But, just overall travel advice to anywhere in the world, don't get caught in the protests and visit another part of the city where it's calm

  2. Protest can advance very quickly into new locations, so I think you are right to say safety is the number one concern for anyone wanting to attend. I would think that traveling into an area that is a bit unsettled would not be my first choice. Great video explaining out the difference in cost to travel and hotel rooms. Here's hoping they find Peace sooner than continued turmoil.

  3. Hong Kong has always been cheap for us. We can even get tickets for as low as $20 even before the chaos. And according to my friend there, the situation is not that bad as seen on social media.

  4. Social media has turned HK youngsters into crazed radical fundamentalists. Some videos being shared are edited to make Police look really bad. The inconvenient truth is, HK police are actually NOT as bad as USA police who kill people almost every day. After 24 weeks of protest, how many people shot?? JUST TWO!! 5 months of protest = TWO people shot. In the same amount of time, 400 people have died in USA by POLICE.

  5. On September 1939 NZ Germany invaded Poland.

    On 7 of October 1950 CCP invaded Tibet.

    NZ Germany established their first concentration camp in Dachau 1933.

    CCP established the Xinjiang camps in 2014.

    Copy past and ad to the list.

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