Travel Nurse Pay || How to Make $140k Travel Nursing

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25 thoughts on “Travel Nurse Pay || How to Make $140k Travel Nursing”

  1. How did you apply for Kaiser? How did u get connected with travel nursing? I’m still in school and would like to have a game plan for when I graduate. Sorry if you stated all of this in the video lol. I’m new to the nursing world and start nursing school in January. I’m really excited!

  2. So you are working two different places contract and registry? And you are able to do that ? How do you fit the two in do you do like registry on your times off when your not working at hospital or how does that go? Also do you have to keep paying for license in each states you go to to work?

  3. Thank you so much for sharing all this information. You are amazing!! I just subscribed today. I plan to go back to school for nursing. I love your channel.

  4. Did travel nurse for 9 years…Made over $160k each year working my contract and for an agency on my days off..this video is so REAL..I was single and didn't want to mingle because my BANK ACCT STAYED FULL like a cup of PRINGLES

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