Travel Scams in the UK

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  1. Please everyone dont hold your phone close to pavements in London and all other city because thugs in scooters snatch them out your hand – keep your valuables safe and you will Love the UK

  2. Street Chuggers (charity sales asking for money to save the Polar Bear) are EVERYWHERE! Every town and city, and they will try and stop you to get your attention so they can make that sale. I put my headphones in and walk on by, sometimes ignorance is bliss (it gets draining on a daily basis)!

  3. You ever considered going to the city of lincoln on England. Its a wonderful city. All though its not a weeks worth of stuff to do, it makes a great 2 day trip, plus there's loads of classic seaside resorts around. Its full of local tourism.

  4. The reason London's black cab drivers seem to know the directions better than others is because they do. In order to obtain their licence to operate they have to pass something called "the Knowledge", which is a training course lasting about three years with at least twelve verbal examinations. In those they are set tests by being given a destination in London and they have to immediately recite the relevant route in order to get from a given point to that destination. This system has been in operation since 1865.

  5. Thank you for the tips Wolters! I just started to give tips about resorts too as I’ve worked all my life in tourism field and hotels in Punta Cana. Hopefully people will subscribe to my channel and support it.

  6. Luckily as a solo traveler to London a few years ago, i could get away with not needing a backpack or anything when out and about. That was a conscious decision to avoid getting robbed or something. I did use to live there, but it had been many years. Only take a backpack if absolutely necessary. I miss it over there.

  7. If a London black cab says they can't accept card at the moment tell them they aren't allowed to be working under TfL rules with a broken card machine and that you are entitled to just get and record their taxi licence number. This will magically fix card machine issues for you most of the time

  8. As a Brit the ATM scams are probably the main problem you will come up against.
    If it looks like it's been tampered with in any way just move along, I see plenty that have been fire damaged or look like someone has tried messing with the reader so just go somewhere else.
    ATM's are all over so just look for the next one.
    Enjoy your trip over here

  9. I like to have fun with the pickpockets. I'll buy a bunch of wallets at the thrift store for like a quarter each, fill them with colored paper that looks like the notes of whatever country I'm going to be in, then include a note disparaging their intelligence, family and even their pets. I seem to always know when I've been hit so I'll casually watch them and see if they look inside the wallet before they get out of sight. It's really fun if they do look, especially if they look back at you and you can laugh and point at them!

  10. I like your videos with torists scams. Thank you, it's very helpful. In Istambul there is a toutists scam done by shoe cleaners. Passing by, they drop their shoe brush '' by accident''. You say:' 'Oh, you' ve dropped your brush''. And they start cleaning your shoes with many thanks, they don' t let you go. After that they ask you for money in a very agressive way.

  11. Hello Once again great video thnx! Can I get a quick 🙏🏻help with tip ! Aer Lingus and Alitalia Airlines as fas as luggage That I can bring before getting extra charge? I am looking at economy tix!? A carry on gym back, And a mid size luggage suitcase with wheels is what I consider taking. Thanks😀

  12. I mean most of these apply worldwide. I will say though the taxi credit card not working. That's because they want the cash so the taxman does not know how much they are earning not because they charge an extra 3% haha.

  13. Another brilliant video! Thank you! I am not planning trips to all the places you cover but it is just so interesting to see you talk about the locations! It actually has made me think and actually add some of the locations that you've covered to my list of places I want to visit! More video clips of your family! It always puts a smile on my face to see them!!!

  14. They will also take your money and put your wallet in a post box or the police station.
    So if you leave a phone number in your wallet some one might call you and say they have found your wallet.
    Happened to me twice.

  15. While not a scam as such, rail tickets can be a very expensive sometimes. For example most of the time the price of a single nearly the same cost as a return, which is an issue if you aren’t doing a round trip. Also off peak and peak times can really inflate prices for longer journeys!

  16. NEVER take the black cabs off the street the money meater goes up so fast and they take the long way round so you spend much more money, if you in manchester use "metro taxis" (i dont now if they have them anywere els in the uk) but there way more reliable

  17. After a trip to London and Berlin my creditcard got scammed: I got a phone call when I got home: Are you in New York? No… My bank had seen some suspicious activities and blocked the card. Someone had used “my card” to withdraw more than 1000 $ in New York, even if it was in my pocket in Norway. I got everything back, but it was a hassle nevertheless. So now I always hide my pin in ATMs, especially abroad.

  18. I travel with a security purse and backpack. These have clips that can be used to secure the zippers which make it much harder for a pickpocket to target you. Since they want an easy target, they probably won't bother. My backpack also has a clip that can be detached at the bottom of one of the shoulder straps that allows it to be secured to a chair or table leg when eating out (another scam to look out for).

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