Travel Talk & Future Condoms – SmoshCast #39

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30 thoughts on “Travel Talk & Future Condoms – SmoshCast #39”

  1. ok, a lot of that show is whack af.
    some women legitimately do not know sometimes.
    one of my best friends, she had 2 kids. so she knew how it went. her 3rd, we were pretty much inseparable during that time and neither of us ever suspected she was pregnant. she still had her period, she had no other symptoms. she literally had no idea until she went to the hospital because of really bad back pain, which ended up being her going into labor.

  2. I love shayne and courtney, but DAAAAAAMN THIS TRIO IS SOO FUNNY! I love how their topic is always being lead to somewhere really really off or it was being derailed🤣 Pleaseee more of this!

  3. Labour aside, the actual act of pushing a baby out feels extremely similar to pooping (more painful, obviously, but still similar). Even women who KNOW they’re in labour sometimes get confused about whether they are at the pushing stage or just need to sh*t

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