TRAVEL TIPS: How I Prepare for a Trip and Pack Light

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  1. Vostok loves you so much! The pasta and cucumber story was the most depressing food story I have ever heard; an Indian airline no less! I also really appreciate the laundry soap tip.

  2. Used to do a lot of business travel. Ladies – sanitary napkins are not sold everywhere, bring them with you (even if you think you don't need them, don't be surprised, bring them anyway). Also, a small sewing kit (weighs nothing), a few safety pins (for clothing emergencies), chewing gum and life saver mints for the plane (always made me feel better for some reason, maybe psychological since I never "eat" them otherwise). Product samples are perfect for luggage. Makeup samples are easy to get, just ask for them at the product counter – may be free or a small fee, but you can get your favorite lipstick or eye shadow in a smaller container that you won't mind losing. For mindless activity: a cheap activity book like a word search or maze book (when you get bored of reading and looking out the window on those long flights).

  3. The plastic bag ban makes sense though. I was in Tanzania a few years ago and there was a solid layer of flattened plastic trash on the ground in some villages, just because there's no place to put it. (New York just passed a ban as well)

  4. I always wear pants and tops two days in a row (unless they get gross) even when I'm not travelling, it saves on washing ^-^ no need to be so judgemental of yourself.

  5. THIS COULD EASILY BE CLASSIFIED AS ASMR ! EXCELLENT VIDEO – that I've enjoyed very much – what's amazing is how different we go about handling the same issues , but you seem to do very well with your system of doing things – very interesting – I didn't even know that some adults wear underwear ( off stage ) !

  6. If you aren’t sure you’ll need something, don’t pack it. Just bring some money, and you can buy most things you need when you’re there. Of course, this won’t be true if you go to a place where a disaster has just happened, or a country that is in social or economic collapse, but those are special cases that need special planning.

  7. I knew some people who went to Zambia, and instead of doing laundry (except for underwear), they brought along enough T-shirts for the week of their stay, and each day they gave yesterday’s shirts to local people, who were happy to have them (Zambia is one of the world’s poorest countries). Obviously, this only works for short trips, but it’s an idea.

  8. Here’s a tip I got from Rick Steves: Remove sections of your travel guide that cover places you don’t plan to visit. Let’s say I have a guide to Central America, and I’m going to Panama and Costa Rica. I’ll cut out the pages on Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, and discard them before I leave on the trip. Paper is surprisingly heavy, and the lighter my bag, the better. Then, on my last day in Central America, I lighten my luggage by leaving the guidebook behind. Give it to someone who is just arriving in the country, or someone who lives there. By the time I get back to that region, an updated edition is likely to be available anyhow.

  9. Here’s a tip: Mosquito nets. Africa and Madagascar still have a lot of malaria.

    And yes, use insect repellent with DEET. Is DEET bad for you? Maybe, but malaria, dengue fever, and West Nile virus are much, much worse.

  10. Good luck, be safe, stay healthy. Thank you for the travel tips. I take a few wet wipes on the plane to wipe down everything I will be touching around my seat and a mini bottle of hand sanitizer to use during my trip and I pack aspirin..

  11. You can use thin paper (e.g. onionskin) to print things out. For one or two sheets, it doesn’t matter, but if you’re printing, say, a dozen or more pages, it saves significant weight and space in your bag. And don’t forget to use both front and back sides.

  12. Good minimalist and prepared packing style!
    You seem to travel to very many wonderful, tropical places. I understand it make sense with how many different fruits are available in those areas.
    I wondered if you would consider visiting the arctic Scandinavia? There's no durians here, but the berries are incredible in late summer as well as the wonderful and rare cloudberry!

  13. cats love suitcases and bags.. it's inevitable whenever i want to pack there's a cat sitting in or on my bag. and you JUST CAN'T move them! bc, cuteness! hope you have a good petsitter for your adventuring 😊

  14. many times in the video you say sorry for being logical. Dont do that but double down and back it up and explain yourself. Many people do what you do and even do it for longer so dont you judge them too. lol

  15. JAMBO! Have a wonderful adventure😀 You are so smart to take TP to Africa! Our friends travel there often and they bring a suitcase of it to give their host. Safe travels! 🐓🐢🐒🐘🐗🐮🐃🐐🐝🐊🍀🌰🍉🍌🍠🍆🍅😀

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