Travel to Manila Philippines and Meet This Homeless Family Who Sleep in a Wooden Shanty Cart. PINOY

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41 thoughts on “Travel to Manila Philippines and Meet This Homeless Family Who Sleep in a Wooden Shanty Cart. PINOY”

  1. Link of the whole featured film:

    Let's say thank you to all the donors folks.

    To all the donors: You made another Filipino family, happy…

    Reaching 1 Filipino family at a time my friends…..

    But I will be honest with you guys, we need your continues support. We need your continues support to continue this humble project of ours.

    We need people like you so we can reach poor Filipino families one at a time.

    I've been helping and reaching my fellow Filipinos for more than a decade. This time guys, I need your help. I need your helping hands to give joy to Filipino families one at a time.

    Donate through crowdfunding.

    Our GoFundMe account:

    E-mail us at:
    [email protected]

    Thanks again guys!

    Sincerely Yours,


  2. All of these vids and their stories breaks my heart. Filipino citizens live in so much poverty in our own country and land. A lot of foreigners were the one who lives in comfort here, have properties, have businesses. I dont even feel like its Philippines anymore because in our place, theres a lot of foreigners especially chinese. I truly hope I get to live in a time when the Government take actual implementation to end poverty. Even having to spread awareness of family planning can be a big help to families to prevent them to have more children. Vote wisely, everyone.

  3. Manila is not that dangerous. I have been to PHILIPPINES last month… Yes it used to be a dangerous city before. I really appreciate your work. Keep it up… I am really impressed you guys are doing this without any greed.

  4. Thank you all for helping these people. When I say this I am not trying be mean. But why isn't these people coming to America? They are off way worse than illegals usually come here. For them have home an food I would not bitch. Because they would be more deserving of it. Than illegals do come…it just breaks your heart. I know America has homeless too. Still eating out garbage is bad.

  5. Mark why do you show your belief and then you show your self with luxury and traveling. I love helping Filipinos but you show something else. I came from a country where you had to fight to live.

  6. Sir Mark gusto ko sumama sa team nyo kahit taga buhat, hawak ng kamera, narrate sa istorya ng buhay nang inyong natutulungan… mabuhay po kau! from baguio-katokayo (mark lee)

  7. It sad for poor family sleep in this cart. This young. Lady doing a good job from the rich guy to help the. Poor people very kind guy. God sent him thank you for sharing. Bless you all .

  8. Include lifetime supply of CONDOMS in your gift packets. Just about every one of these videos I've watched….they have tons of children and another one on the way. Poor kids born and raised in pure filth and inhumane conditions. Get a clue parents!!!!

  9. All situations are heartbreaking but God bless the Donors , Mark and Rea . I feel especially sad ๐Ÿ˜ž for the babies and children . Love the team and all of their effort to help ! โค๏ธ

  10. Dammit Brother Mark
    I'm glad to be be a subscriber to your channel. I would have no clue as to how our brown brothers and sisters in the Filipinnes are a actually living in this present day and time. May God continue to bless you with a clear mind and a clean heart.

  11. Yes people sleeping on the streets people sleeping in garages underneath hotel buildings children begging for money it is unbelievable and the government have so much money the government is not interested in his people just in Arms weaponry there is many more to talk about but sometime you have to keep your opinions to yourself god bless.

  12. I want to thanks Sir Mark and his family and all the team member with video making by Peachy..
    God bless you more
    God guide you more
    From India ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•โคโค

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