Travel to the Philippines and Help the Poor Filipino People. Filipinos in the SLUMS. World's Society

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37 thoughts on “Travel to the Philippines and Help the Poor Filipino People. Filipinos in the SLUMS. World's Society”

  1. ya allah…
    pelik betullah presiden duterte tak nampak ke rakyat filipina terlampau miskin…
    rakyat filipina bukannya malas tapi tiada sumber pendidikan,pekerjaan dan kesihatan sbbtu mereka susah mngubah kehidupan mereka

  2. Hi mark be careful of scams they will mail letter. phone calls claiming to be from IRS. Anyways love all the videos hope you will forever be blessed so u can continue to help more people

  3. Communism was good as Socialism, but the Communist regimes where like Nazis. Note that Nazism and Communism where both Socialist ideologies for those who did not know. Both became tyrannies because leaders became abusive in the name of Socialism. Stalin's Soviet Union and Nazi Germany are both good examples of right-wing forms of Socialism. Scandanavian, Canada, Australia etc. states are good examples of what real Socialism is. No one should be punished for their beliefs in the name of leftism. That is FAKE leftism. Watching this video shows that Philippines is an embarrassment to the world if being richer in GDP Per Capita than the other 3rd world states who are facing a massive about big famine and war torned areas.

  4. Anyone else think Paul and sheena would be such a cute couple ๐Ÿ‘ซ โ™ฅ โ™ฅโ™ฅ
    And Girls Stรกy away from creepy forgieners who come to your country to take advantage of your situation!! You want your life to be better but what if he is abusive?
    Many of them are pedophiles!!!

  5. Why do Western men come to the Philippines for wives half their age….I think there are 2 dynamics at work. Filipina's are playing the hand that was dealt to them in life…Most have been abandoned by their Filipino bf or husband and left to raise a kid or two or three…They are just using the system to their advantage to attract a foreign husband…The western man has had enough of old blathering feminists that have ruined family life…99% of Filipinas make excellent wives…Filipinas are beautiful, warm, loving and caring…They take very good care of their man and family.

  6. that's why republicans was trying to Junk OBAMACARE, you will get penalize for not getting health insurance, and these health insurances are vultures, they taking advantage of it

  7. Have you ever watched 90 day fiance? There is a couple Nikki and Mark. Mark is around 50, he is caucasian, Nikki is 18, younger than his daughter! He bought her over from the Philippines as well.

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing a NEW video. The lady who was selling the bananas house collapsed at some point I remember seeing that. Did she ever get her house fixed?

  9. When you do good there's always someone, usually doing nothing, criticising and complaining like he knows better then everyone. Keep on the good fight: long live the people's resistance Mark!

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