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  1. I do personally own and backed most of PD products spent nearly 1k, however putting side by side the travel line bag I have backed last time, with medium camera cube and all the other accessories I love …. Or to have a tripod… Difficult to swallow. 199 for normal and 299 usd for carbon And I would pre-order one immediately.

  2. Two things are missing, the right price tag , and the tilt-able middle-column that makes the top view shots with angle . The reverse mount might be very good indeed but not for everything. . . However good-luck

  3. Excellent video footage! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to run across this kind of content. We make Travel & Food films as well, across the globe, and also we are always looking to get inspirations and concepts. Thank You.

  4. Really nice but, but the price and tilt possibilities due to the triangle hinders. Can you also create a video that show how different attachment at the cameras can that have e.g. Manfrotto and Benfro “clutch” 🙋🏼‍♂️🙏🏽

  5. PS – You way over saturated YT with the product. Very tired of seeing it on every channel, everywhere. Then, you expect folks to chip in on KickStarter. You are a going company – fund it yourself out of cash flow.

  6. You should have just stuck with the legs. The head does not compete with the Acratech GP or the AS P0. You tried to take the entire leg/head for $600+ and didn't make it.

  7. What if there's a hook at the center of the tripod, so you can hook the backpack on there as weight. Which will protect it from the wind, but don't compromise on weight ?

  8. Already pre orderd! would like to konw if your claim that "MOST" Arca-Swiss plates will fit includes the REally Right Stuff camera plates? Already have these plates and L-Brakcets on all my camers and devices and it would be very nice if they fit.

  9. Can you make a shorter 12" long version? For travelling, I use my Surui T-005 tripod with Manfrotto 484RC2 ball head and it folds to only 12" in length. Its max height is 54", which is high enough for travel photography.

  10. What’s the weights
    I do tramp here in NZ so weight is critical
    That ball head is very interesting
    The could be used on many different applications. Be great on a walking pole, and smaller tripods
    Thank you for your innovations
    Nice video

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