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  1. Are you in Mexico? I’m hanging on the edge of my seat. Your ratings will definitely go up per the situation. I can’t wait to see how you get out of this one LOL.Hang tough smoother sailing ahead for sure.

  2. Are you still in Mexico or is this some other time frame? I am sorry for all the trouble you guys are experiencing with your Bus. Hopefully you will get it fixed and up and running soon Jamie. And your companion which I can’t remember her name. Thank you for sharing the big engine and where that big belt we saw in your last video! I might need some help getting myself a rig. I have been looking around online because it’s still not time for me to make this decision but I want to find out what would work best for my future travels. Keep up the good work and see you soon down the road 👍

  3. I ran a ford 34 miles without a crank pulley; it was 75F tho. So gas cost gas cost up and down Missouri hills. After fixing the balancer and pulley she ran for a year till I traded it off. AAA tho.  Good luck man. The pump has pulley bolts.   But replacement of the unit looks to be required. Jonathan W  has a vid on the 7.3 ( remove this if not cool) The unit has two pulleys and runs the with of the engine.

  4. Jaime I hope you made it safely! God be with you and be blessed. You do so much for others and it's your turn. Stay cool and try to stay calm. I know it's an irritating and anxiety type of circumstance. I hope someone out there can help u quickly get back on the road.

  5. Fun drama. We used to venture into Baja with at least two vehicles for this exact reason. But we were in our 20s. Not too smart, but one machine usually could bail out the other.

  6. There is no circulation of water because the water pump isn't turning.
    The heater will do nothing to cool the engine folks, because there is no circulation.
    Heat builds up right near the cylinder walls, and heads.
    But because there is no circulation, the stagnant coolant will allow hot spots to develop.
    Very likely crack the heads in this senario.
    Really hope these folks make it to town and their engine is okay.
    If he nurses it along and lets it cool between stops, he might be alright.
    But the damage, if any, will be invisible until later.
    Running a diesel without coolant circulation is the second worst thing you could do to the motor second only to running without oil.
    Good Luck Jaime!
    I really mean that!

  7. I can’t give you any mechanical advice, I will continue to pray you guys make it to your destination safe and without further damage to your rig. Thanks for sharing stay in touch.

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