TRAVEL VLOG // a week in seattle!

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14 thoughts on “TRAVEL VLOG // a week in seattle!”

  1. Hey Kayley, I have never commented on any of your videos but I have been following you since 5 awesome girls. It’s so nice to see your „journey“ (although I kinda hate the use of that word) and seeing more of your daily life with Kirstyn. I am from Germany and in a long (super long) distance relationship with my boyfriend and I am longing for that daily life together. I am currently with him but it still always feels like visiting. Seeing the two of you together, laying out clothes for each other, going to markets, shopping just every day things really cheers me up. I kinda struggle with the closeness of a relationship and then going back to my „own“ life in berlin. I also thought about how you (from what I saw at least) seemed so independent travelling around and I could always really relate to that as a single person. Now I feel a lot more vulnerable while being super happy with my boyfriend at the same time. How was the shift for you back into a really close relationship? If that’s not too personal… I guess it’s weird getting that long and personal of a message from a viewer but today I felt a bit down about it all and I was so excited to see your video on my screen. Thanks!

  2. Loved this! I'm in Seattle on vacation now and went to Rainier yesterday but it was cloudy 🙁 but still had a great time seeing big trees. I'll just have to come back to see Actual Mountains.

  3. toby!!! He's so fluffy and cute and majestic, my dog lover heart can't handle!! PNW always look so beautiful and peaceful, I'm glad you guys got to relax with your family! and hehe it's okay if you didn't vlog it entirely, it means you enjoyed it 100%!! (and those leggings looks damn comfy)

  4. I loved this video! I always find it amazing to see cities through other peoples eyes and I love how you did it 🙂 I love travelling and just made a video on travelling outfits and would love if you checked it out <3 🙂

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