TRAVEL VLOG: Going to PARIS for the First Time

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4 thoughts on “TRAVEL VLOG: Going to PARIS for the First Time”

  1. BONJOUR! Haha, glad you finally found some wifi and are back on the tube! So we are officially the only two professional volleyballer/youtubers in France again (if anyone knows of another, please tell me immediately so they can join the club! ok theres no club, its just a couple of us camera nerds). Anyway, I digress. Great vlog, great enthusiasm, so glad you're getting out and seeing France while you are here, thats one of the best parts of being a pro in Europe! The other one is obviously crepes.

  2. im orange haha lol spent an hour on the road. so turned around. oh wow never been to Chipotle. this part is mixed. her reaction to first experience chipotle. your stomach is so flat. so beautiful at night and those sparkles. thanks for the video. enjoyed. I comment like and support

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