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  1. Hey Dr Dray! Looks like you had a great time in Alabama 😊 that makes me happy!! The sound of the ocean was heaven.
    I was wondering if you have a recommended running shoe 😊 you have inspired me to get back into fitness, but I have been out of the fitness world for several years now so I don't know what is a preferred shoe.

  2. It’s very common for those dogs (Bichon Frise) to suffer from separation anxiety. They’re very people oriented! They don’t do well by themselves unless it’s somewhere they’re very familiar with. Even then, as they get older been left on their own slowly starts to affect them.
    They’re such good company though, my mom used to have one, so loving and affectionate.

  3. I now know I definitely need to get my eyes checked. I read the title and I was wondering why you were going all the way to Alabama for golf shoes 😳 😂. I used the products I bought from iherb and I absolutely loving them. Kbrauty was so worth trying !

  4. I was just watching SNL just now and got bored and thought to myself, "I forgot to check out Dr. Drays Saturday Vlogs…" 🤔 So I then immediately switch my tv screen from SNL to YouTube and it's safe to say I'm no longer bored. 🙏

  5. Very fun Vlog! We were in Gulf Shores just a couple of months ago. We love it and go every year. Honestly my favorite time to go is in the off season…less people, less traffic, no wait time to get into restaurants.
    Picnic Beach is awesome! I’m not a vegan but I love their BBQ. I tried the Alabama White BBQ sauce and didn’t care for it, but their other sauces were good. Thanks again for another great video!

  6. HEY NO FAIR!! Your mom just keeps looking younger and younger! I’m so jealous!! If you’re treating her with lasers and all the good things, I’m gonna make an appointment with you ASAP!😁

  7. Have fun with mom 💖 Momma loved Gulf Shores 💖 I’m from Alabama 💖 Love me some watercress hydration cascade by Farm Fresh is what Reba McEntire swears by to moisturize her face. Have you ever tried this product?

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