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32 thoughts on “TRAVEL VLOG: JOSHUA TREE, CA”

  1. this vlog is so great! Joshua Tree is definitely at the top of my list of things to do while I'm staying in LA for a few months! you guys all together always have the best time 🙂 can I be your friend? haha 🙂

  2. Love everything about this video. I visited Joshua Tree earlier this year. It was stunning!!
    On a side note, I would love to see a video about Pat’s camera equipment.

  3. Wow, perfect editing! I just watched Alex's video yesterday and both – yours and hers – are great but so different. I love it!

    I am confused though: Alex said it was a tulip field, you called it a poppy field. Which one is it, I cannot make out which flower it is 😀

  4. I have really bad anxiety and it is hard to find peace but watching your vlogs helps me to relax so much because you are really relaxed and positive. In a negative world I’m so happy there are people like you and your happy life gives me hope!

  5. Tess, I have been a long time follower of yours and I just have to say the equal balance of love and support between you and pat is something I have adored. When you explained feeling recharged & getting to take your skills out of a “work-place” sort of feeling you explained how it was great getting to see pat use his skills differently, seeing him challenge himself in a different environment for a different purpose. It wasn’t about you just going somewhere new for youtube content. It was a trip that allowed for beauty & opportunity but was stressed on needing footage for youtube per-say. his support of you & your career is incredible too, but I just wanted to say it’s refreshing to see the “youtuber” understand that these moments exist beyond needing content for the internet. You didn’t have to make this video but you did for yourself, your memories, and for us to see some beauty we might not have before but you didn’t force anything. thank you, to you & pat for always being so down to earth to watch.

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