Travel Vlog: KOREA Pt 1 | Luxe Shopping LOUIS VUITTON, BALENCIAGA, BURBERRY, Sightseeing & Eating

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45 thoughts on “Travel Vlog: KOREA Pt 1 | Luxe Shopping LOUIS VUITTON, BALENCIAGA, BURBERRY, Sightseeing & Eating”

  1. Hi Mel. I wasn't feeling too well today. I somehow stumbled upon ur channel. Its so comforting to watch u. Thank u for being u. Ur so real n genuine as a person even with all the luxury n everything. Keep doing what ur doing.

  2. I enjoy traveling, so this video was a pleasure and a joy to view. I have surprisingly learned many Korean words from watching K-dramas! LOL I hope to one day travel to South Korea. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Thank you for posting this! I've been to Korea 3 times to adopt my children, and I have a lock on Seoul Tower! :-). I adored being there, and your video brought me right back there to such a special time. Thank you!!!!!

  4. The affect on the Moschino dress is a technique used in fashion called Trompe L'Oeil wherein the image on the dress creates a kind of false illusion to make it look three dimensional when it really isn't! 😛 brands like Moschino and Schiaparelli are kind of known for this! 🙂 great video!

  5. Thank so much for taking us to Korea with you, Mel!!! I love it so much! I haven't been there before! But definitely it's on my visiting list in the near future!!! You look absolutely beautiful princess 👸🏻 Mel!

  6. I absolutely loved this vlog!!!! You looked lovely in traditional Korean dress, however there are a few things that I'm dying to know! Did you eat the beetles and did you go for the grey trench? Keep it up Mel, looking forward to the next part!!!

  7. I have been to every single place you just went to! Korea is such a shopping heaven. Lotto department store ended up gifting me a suitcase because I bought way to many skincare products from them in one day 😂 I had to roll the suitcase back to my hotel with all my sulwhasoo and the history of whoo products!! Miss Korea so much!!

  8. Hi Mel, I walked past you a few hours ago at Chadstone from afar (I'm pretty sure it was you). I didn't want to disturb you, but just wanted to let you know that you looked absolutely stunning! Take care xo

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