Travel Vlog & Q&A – November 2019

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  1. Hey, actually 5 Gigabit is a standard 5GBASE-T. You can do do 2.5GBASE-T over Cat 5e Cable up to 100 meters and 5GBASE-T over Cat 6 up to 100 meters so you dont need Cat 7 for more than 1G. At the moment 10G is getting so much cheaper that i expect most customers will skip the steps between and will go direct from 1G to 10G.

  2. Interesting to hear your comments about Ubiquiti 'phone home' issue… I think I read somewhere that they are making it OPT IN by default, which would comply with GDPR…..I saw some comments elsewhere that some EU based customers were raising the issue with their natioanl Data Protection authorities, but that could take months. At very least is embarrassing oversight. Anyway it's a relief that Ubiquiti are addressing, as many EU users may have had to drop them otherwise! GDPR compliance is still catching people out and its potential impact should not be underestimated.

  3. Love your comments about the Electric Car charging, even when everyone drives electric, car charging points will just start appearing everywhere you park, filling station will just be a strange relics of the past

  4. Since you are hanging out with the Clearly IP folks this week, I would be curious, as if it were not kind of obvious because you are doing your training at their office as to what is your personal take on what this split between Sangoma and Clearly IP will mean for the future of FreePBX. A lot of great and important talent is now at Clearly IP. Do you see concerns and if so what are they? Like I said the fact you are doing this class at Clearly kind of already says a lot. I would definitely would love your take on this. I would love a video on the subject although I would understand if you cannot do that for legal reasons.

  5. If you are looking to educate / enlighten ppl you probably don't want to start by calling them out as idiots regardless of how dumb their argument may be. You won't really win anyone over this way and at best is just going to make them disengage or at worst defend their view point more aggressively.

  6. Pro tip, don't leave it uncharged for a long period of time, the batteries on board are LiPo and can go bust really quick. Got mine in japan and i'm in europe so warranty is not available.

  7. Yeah… let me play the devil's advocate here for a moment.
    1) Yes, those cutting down trees is a problem… because of what's placed in their stead. When you pave over a large area, you will alter water flow in that general area. We have this problem here in Czech Republic. Some years ago, one big car manufacturer built a plant here, ever since then, wells have been getting drier and drier, partially because rainwater, which fell on to that factory, got rerouted in to sewer system and not in to underground water reserves accessable by those wells. Sure, we can't let that water go untreated, but at this rate, people in that area will lose their wells because of this. So unneceseary paving over land should be discouraged, which leads to not supporting electric cars, because we don't currently have faster recharging stations. I really don't think we'll ever have. just for illustration.
    2) You charge your Tesla at your garage. That work's great for you for now. There are three problems with this solution. First is cost, which make's it too expansive for most people to have set up their own recharging station. This is the short term problem. The second is the grid. In order to provide for everybody (eventually) the ability to recharge their electromobile, you would have to upgrade extremely power distribuiton network, which is the last thing power companies will want to do. Centralized recharging solution will be more cost effective for them and they will push it for this reason. Third problem are the batteries them selves. They degrade as they run through recharg cycles, effectively lowering range of your car. That will not happen to petrol or diesel tank any time soon. This is problem of the very nature of electric batteries. Do you have enough money to buy new set of batteries every six years or so? Not to mention that batteries are actually fairly unstable power storage system, when it get's to ammounts of energy needed to operate a car.
    I could also get to the fact, that when you calculate the ammount of energy generated over lifespan of these "clean" sources (solar and wind), you'll find out, that LNG plant is cleaner in terms of CO2 emmitions, because you have to calculate carbon footprint from mining to recyclation or disposal of materials used. This is the reason, why I believe in nuclear, hydro and LNG mix.

  8. I like these little osmo pocket cameras. I bought one around launch time last year used. Best little b-roll camera when working outside on various projects, just set it to track an object and go about your business.

  9. Bundle up there men! Yes, you are right about the dumbest tesla comments! Besides the new charging stations are quite faster and use solar roofs. The onboard mic sound quality is pretty good but when winds are blowing up off course it decreases a bit. Cheers up 🍻, get yourself a cheese head 🧀🧀

  10. Pdx to SeaTac… Guess parking is cheaper in PDX 🙂 Anyhow it's always been my pet peeve to have to opt-out when it should be opt-in for data collection. But I know that's not how the world works. Also the hand held device audio isn't that bad for something compact and grab and go.

  11. Two questions: 1) Do you have any experience with HotSpot 2.0 , is it possible to use this without any agreement with a mobile provider? 2) Is it possible to tag a wireless network as metered that Android / IOS / W10 and MacOS can detect it and avoid updates etc on the network from a 4G router?

  12. 5 Gbps ports are a thing. From Wikipedia, "IEEE 802.3bz, NBASE-T and MGBASE-T refer to efforts to produce a standard for Ethernet over twisted pair copper wire at speeds of 2.5 Gbit/s and 5 Gbit/s. This would create intermediate speeds between existing standards Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. The resulting standards are named 2.5GBASE-T and 5GBASE-T"

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