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  1. I'd like to go to Japan. My trip must, necessary, have the most
    Tokio's sightseeings so I could enjoy my full trip.
    I'm not a usual traveler but if I've a chance I definetily would take it.
    Is it okay?
    Grettings from Puebla, México.

  2. Traveling is wonderful and can give us new emotion. The problem is that traveling is such an expensive hobby and you should have enough free time.
    One day my girlfriend and I would like to travel to Scandinavia. I mean Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Meanwhile, I planned a short trip to Prague. I’m leaving in a month and I’ll be there four days. I’ve read that there is a magic Christmas atmosphere. I hope well because I’ll have to put in practice my English skills. I don’t know to speak the local language 😅😂

  3. I'd like to travel to Great Britain with my younger daughter in late May, 2018. I've been planning day trips outside London, too. Traveling is one of my hobbies. Be careful not to trip over steps or other objects when you are taking photos of sightseeing spots.

  4. The best trip i have ever been was in Giza city, in Egypt, where the great Egyptian pyramids are. and of course, I like travelling with my family. If I have the opportunity to visit you, I would do my best to travel to your city.

  5. Hi, I would like to enquire about the statement at the minute "7" which is "My job involves a lot of travel." Why is it written, "travel" and not "travels"? Thanks in advance my marvelous teacher.

  6. However, if you let me put forward a suggestion, speak more naturally, like native-speakers really do. You speak very slowly. That sounds unnatural sometimes. Sorry to say so. It is only a suggestion. Go ahead. I wish you the best.

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