Traveling 10,000 Miles to Fulfill Subscriber's Dream

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40 thoughts on “Traveling 10,000 Miles to Fulfill Subscriber's Dream”

  1. Being brain damaged and still snowboard, my dreams to go to Whistler. The part that gets me is it's less insane than what they did with this guy when you think about it.

  2. Oh my god ….. that was amazing…. i hope i too soon will be in Germany for my masters if i get through the admission process. I definately want to meet you ….the builder of yes theory house Germany

  3. I NEVER leave watching a Yes theory video without feeling: 1. Thankful for my life and the ability I have to chase my dreams and 2. Feeling inspired to live outside of my comfort zone. This video was so beautiful!

  4. nobody on youtube is like yes theory.. each video just gives you such a warm and nice feeling in your chest.. i don’t know how to describe it but just watching them live their best lives inspires you to live yours to the fullest. it’s such a beautiful feeling

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