Traveling Solo from KATHMANDU to Colombo, SRI LANKA

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27 thoughts on “Traveling Solo from KATHMANDU to Colombo, SRI LANKA”

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  2. Keep up the good work Syifa! We love you and your raw spontaneous travel/food videos. Sorry you got ripped off at the KTM airport. It seems like they're charging unexpected luggage fees to almost everybody nowadays. My brother got ripped off $250 flying out of KTM airport for extra luggage just a couple of weeks ago, too. The airlines don't always disclose or write their policies very clearly so that the unsuspecting passengers know what to expect and don't get slammed suddenly when they're ready to board the plane. Well anyways, this is just a hiccup on your great journey and the value you bring to your viewers all over the world! Keep it up!!

  3. You paid extra money for 10 kg weight only! Thats unfair.. i heard first time. Ur information will work 4 every travellers..feel sorry you may have reduce ur traveling plan due to extra expense.. even though enjoy alot…🇳🇵

  4. hi I saw your video about india, and I apologise for the bad experience you had in india,but you should try to visit south india especially kerala ,kerala is known as gods own country, it's different,it's similar to srilanka

  5. शैफा अद्रिनाजी बेतनाममा बैकमा लडेर चोटो लागेको देख्दा पहिले केहि शोचिन धेरैपछि दुखलाग्यो चोटदेखाईकीथिईन दुख्ख व्याक्त गरिनछु भनेर पछि धेरै दुख लाग्यो

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