Trump ‘on the verge’ of losing support from businesses: Dave Dodson

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50 thoughts on “Trump ‘on the verge’ of losing support from businesses: Dave Dodson”

  1. Luckily for him there are enough low IQ Trumpkins who will continue to support him regardless. Let's not pretend like intelligence is a defining attribute of the right.

  2. The truck tariffs were a failure because the US manufactures would not compete, foreign manufactures came to the Us while US manufactures leave. The tariffs had nothing to do with anything because they didn't come to the US until 1990 dumbass, 20 yrs after the tariffs were gone.

  3. Well then, I guess it's a good thing that the American People and not businesses have the vote. We're fed up with all the profiteering and corruption on the part of our businesses just like with our corrupt politicians they're in bed with! Maybe if Libertarian economics created the utopia the business community claimed they did we wouldn't need to tariff China right now to make things fair again.

  4. It's amazing how these expert dealmakers come out NOW to criticize the President's dealmaking.
    WHERE WERE YOU ALL THESE DECADES WHEN CHINA was screwing us? NOW you're an expert?
    NOW you have a better way?
    Go back under your rock. Go back with your head in the sand and let OUR PRESIDENT deal with China!

  5. Trump made all of them richer with the GOP $1.7 Trillion tax cut and ending environment regulation, so they don't have to pay millions to "clean" their waste before dumping it.

    They have and always will vote Republicans get their tax cut and to have more environment regulation, so they don't have to pay millions to "clean" their waste before dumping it.

    CHINA ISN'T PAYING THE TARIFFS, CONSUMERS ARE. Because to keep profits up they pass the cost down to the importers and they pass it down to the consumers.

  6. Losing support? If they're that weak let them go. This president has done more for businessea than any other. The tax cuts alone, trade deals incentives, this report is wrong. What are BUAINESSES going to do , put Bernie in office, HEHE, good luck. Trump 2020/

  7. Unless your an Idiot – Everyone knows china has Cheap Slave Labor and All these Companies around the World that Manufacture or sell goods are taking advantage of the People of China that make all the Products.

  8. Dodson's argument is absurd given that last week Trump issued a clarion call to all businesses to start looking for another supplier, other than China. Cavuto is irritating for not pointing that out. Both of them come across as globalist shills.

  9. oh, shut up. one of the reasons we cant agree if a phone call was made has to do with people like you flapping their gums. calling our president a liar all of the time. how can there be any confidence in anything? stop trying to paint him as an idiot, he never says anything without reason. weather you fools can figure it out or not. a little faith goes a very long way.

  10. Pure B.S. Don't have a clue about China. Fine, let China do what they want. I'm so tired of hearing these globalist whining. Just shut up already.

  11. All of this BS speculations are going nowhere. Look at what President Trump has accomplished. These liberals just want US to fail in spite of Trump Nation is winning.

  12. China keeps showing interest of a deal than pulling out to cause doubt amongst Trump supporters against Trump, to weaken his voting base. It's a technique used by the Chinese to break the moral of the competitors supporters.

  13. It's going to be beautiful when Trump turns out right again. Look at what's happened since he took office from the abysmal Obama and never get tired of winning. The support of business? The founder of Home Depot, a very big business, is one of Trump's biggest cheerleaders. Fox…don't go Left on us.

  14. If the criticism of President Trump picking fights with all of the nations we have trade deficits with has any validity then it should stand up to the scrutiny of where are we at now vis a vi those nations. Currently, President Trump has a new agreement with Canada and Mexico awaiting Congressional approval. He has a new agreement with South Korea and just announced a new agreement with Japan. That leaves Europe and China as the only large trade deficits that have not been addressed. Four out of six doesn't seem like failure to me. Ask yourself if the European Union is more or less likely to sign a free trade agreement with the US if it sees itself as leverage for an agreement between China and the US. European's already share many of the same concerns about China as America. America doesn't have to sell out her own interests just to get the Europeans to cooperate against China. Europeans already have the incentives to cheer America's campaign against Chinese mercantilism. Once President Trump signs a free trade deal with the UK the US will be in an even better negotiating position with the EU especially as we strategically pick our fights against members of the EU which do not share Germany's vision of a new form of uber alles.

  15. These talking heads sometimes give comments that seems to confuse people .How can he be fighting for better trade deals and the abandoned him? We need men with guts and patriosm to do these deals.

  16. The only way to make any country prosperous is to ensure their working-class people are well looked after and not used as rag-dolls like most politicians treat their working-class people. Buy and hire your own. If a sandwich is going to cost you a dollar dearer in one of your own lunch-bars and you know you can afford it, buy it because the owner of the shop isn't trying to rip you off but merely ensuring he's able to cover his cost and to pay his workers an affordable wage. So says the same for the grocery-shop owner, the book store owner, the clothing store owner and so on and so on. The real people who look after one another where they live. The only way for life to be simple and easy as this. Is that everyone must simply be true and honest to themselves wholeheartedly. That no race card or religious act of the person standing before them is but just as equal as they are.

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