Trump Tower Tour – New York City (HD)

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22 thoughts on “Trump Tower Tour – New York City (HD)”

  1. Hotel, downtown, speeding all around

    An AK-47 got the power in it's barrel

    To move any mutha that gets in my way

    Just another power machine on the freeway

    Riding with me is my MC homeboy

    Knowing the rules ain't part of his program

    Finding the right way around this map

    Might be pretty hard cause he's fucked on crack

  2. How vulgar design! That property was formerly Bonwit Teller Flagship store. That building contains over priced condos. Either not too pretty too modern and cold. Trump’s home too gaudy and uncomfortable.

  3. I think that it is so funny to see the display for Ivanka Trump as if she is some sort of supreme being for us all to admire! Discussing!

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