Trump’s Chicago Hotel Is Losing MILLIONS Of Dollars

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32 thoughts on “Trump’s Chicago Hotel Is Losing MILLIONS Of Dollars”

  1. Most of the time when my family and I go on vacation, we don't want a shit hotel.. but it's not really the point of the vacation, we really just need the room for our stuff and a place to sleep and shower and shit..

  2. People just don't want to stay at his trashy and tacky bug hotels.
    Keep opening your feral mouths you low IQ Trumps about individual states and your chain of over inflated shit hotels will all go into bankruptcy. Cos no amount of the low IQ retards in the republican base can save your rank arses since they can't afford to stay there. And there's not enough politicians that can save it either.
    So keep covering those states in your verbal diarrhoea cos you're digging your own graves since your retard of a businessman father is President for a short time then your emolument thievery is all over rover. The IRS will be watching your arses from then on.

  3. Well, this is BAD NEWS for Donnie for reason that it is PUTIN that loaned him millions of dollars to expand his hotel and golf course projects in exchange for lifting sanctions off Russia and getting illegally installed in the Oval Office via Russian Federation Cyber-Espionage, a proven FACT by U.S. Intelligence!

  4. Bankruptcy number 7 on the horizon. Trump's most brilliant business decision yet- run for President and let everyone know what a POS you are, when your entire "empire" is built on one thing- your name.

  5. Trump and his idiot sons were planning to build popular-priced plantation-style hotels in Mississippi a couple of years ago. Real racist amusement parks. I don't know it the project ever got past the planning stages.

  6. As a lifelong Chicagoan, I can say for certain our city remains a tourist destination
    There are many reasons why Trump's building is tanking… 1) we are a liberal town and hate his guts; 2) poor management at the building; 3) waaay over-inflated prices on the property from the get-go… When it was built, the "condotel" was a new real estate thing, but that concept went sour quickly.

  7. The way Trump is going – he won't have a business to go back to. Thank God he is worth a tremendous number of – nobody knew how much – many many many billions! More billions than even he knew. The most billions in the history of the beautiful United States! Thank God!

  8. Its just as likely that finances from "who knows where" had been channelled into the business through the hotel chain pre-election – remember that's how the business benefits from pulling in money from foreign visitors to DC and elsewhere in favouring his premises when in the US for government business.
    It's highly unlikely that any one of his premises would drop in trade by that much – I would look more towards an inflated turnover before the election than such a massive drop in turnover after. Questionable practises prior to 2016 may have had to have been curtailed across the business following his election. He's not slow to say that he's suffered financially since the election. In substance he's probably right in what he says – it's just that he would be reluctant to go into the detail.

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