Trump's Florida Mar-a-Lago resort in Hurricane Dorian's path

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18 thoughts on “Trump's Florida Mar-a-Lago resort in Hurricane Dorian's path”

  1. Pres. Trump has shown the grounds of MaraLago stunning landscape before destroyed by hurricanes. He said the only plants that survived were the palm trees. The massive outdoor area, including pool area, alone would’ve been millions in damage. This was before he became president… so I guess he wasn’t to blame #TDS is real. Stay safe. Peace.

  2. Without a shadow of doubt_ after watching a very disturbing video of how Lavoy Finicum was killed in cold blood by government federal officials_ now i know the lives of each one of us is in extreme danger from this ruthless assassins_ this killing is known because of a video ( but ) how many killings without a video ……………………….

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