Trying To Outrun A Bad Storm – Travel Vlog

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34 thoughts on “Trying To Outrun A Bad Storm – Travel Vlog”

  1. Did you, Scott and Terri out run last Friday's horrendous storms (April 19th) that came through NC? I hope you did. 8 tornadoes were reported through out the state that day. Yesterday (April 27th) the winds were horrible. Lots of high gusts that did a lot of damage too. Stay safe on the way back to the West coast. HUGZ ~db

  2. It's a strange thing that people would rather visit man-made tourist traps and skip the actual area charm. People run to Disney World when they come to Florida. Disney could be built anywhere. It's not Florida. It's just in Florida. Where ever you go, the real "stuff" is outside the man-made attractions.

  3. If I had a chance I would love to do what you do. However my husband is a stroke survivor and paralyzed. We had for so many year's had talked that it would have been something we would like to choose to do. What a crazy ride we all are on…….am so blessed to still have him ; ) God Bless you always.

  4. I'm so jelly. I can't do stuff like that til sometime next year. I use to be a truck driver once upon a brief time, so I at least know what I'll be getting into when I get an RV. If you need a co-piolet, come kidnap me, I can read maps well. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  5. Best wishes for the successful sale of you home! I saw you left a little PANDA behind in the planter for the next owners, I hope they take care of it! Onward Bound 🐼

  6. Hope your home sells quickly with no issues….thanks for your going west video.. nice little town… We had rainy days too… but 80's here in Tx today and dry…where was moo, moo…Terry and Scott have her?

  7. This is so odd, Campervan Kevin on today's video was just saying he preferred exploring local areas, that ten miles down the road could be something really interesting and he didn't want to miss it. He had travelled in a previous job all over US but never got to stop and see anything. He had viewers who complained he was still in Arizona, and he said there was still things to see he hadn't seen before. IMO..that is the whole purpose of being a nomad and what freedom was all about, stopping when you want, travelling where you want. And you are right, the back roads bring you in touch with the real people who live across our land, not necessarily 'tourist' locations, but interesting just the same. Thank you for sharing your journey thru these back roads !

  8. Itchy feet are the worse. And nobody understands what it means to be tied down. I want to get on the road but am married to someone who wants to sit for the rest of her life πŸ™

  9. Don't come out to the West Coast California Our gas price just shot up to $ 4 65 for regular and it's estimated to be over $ 5.00 a gallon You better have a Large bank account.I'am so ready to move. good luck safe travels Hi Moo Moo !!

  10. I hope you enjoyed your time in SC -sorry about the weather. The last couple of days have been much nicer-warm and sunshiny! I had no idea you had a home in Myrtle Beach. It will probably sell quickly. Safe travels!

  11. I have a b plus I like it but some day may go bigger . thats why I want to do the bed thing . your right tho they r cramped . what a pretty place to grow up, but yep your grown up now =] be safe out there n have a ball doin it ladies !

  12. Awesome video nice footage thanks for sharing that with me. Good luck on selling your home. You have a great day and I'll catch you on the next one and by all means keep smiling.

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