Turkey's Turtle Beach + Pide "Turkish Pizza" | Dalyan | Full Time World Travel Vlog 4

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20 thoughts on “Turkey's Turtle Beach + Pide "Turkish Pizza" | Dalyan | Full Time World Travel Vlog 4”

  1. The Turkey department of tourism needs to hire you! These videos are capturing the absolute best of this beautiful country! I have been to Turkey, on a cruise, and it was the highlight of my cruise! I had not expected that! Far exceeded what I imagined Turkey to be like. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🥰

  2. Love the subtle use of up in here – dmx! Great cheap boat trip to a stunning beach. What a bar steward of a boat captain, sounds like the power went to his head. The Turkish pizza things looked ace but what was it about those Burberry lined chairs, bit chav tastic

  3. Oh I don’t like the term “Turkish Pizza” for pide , wrong naming which is also used by some Turks too. In fact pide is the origin of pizza and one should say “italian pide” for pizza 😉 anyways, I know, it is about which is more famous 😕

  4. Guys, my cousin lived in fethiye for 14 years, I loved visiting him so seeing your current vids is a brilliant reminder of some v happy times. Lovin your mix of history and exploring – you guys are some of the best travel vloggers on YouTube

  5. You should visit Alaçatı in İzmir, Turkey and also btw They are not just ordinary turtles They are Caretta Carettas They are unique turtle spieces

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