Turkish President Erdogan Arrives at Washington Hotel Ahead of Trump Visit

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49 thoughts on “Turkish President Erdogan Arrives at Washington Hotel Ahead of Trump Visit”

  1. Turkey is in the process of ethnically cleansing the Kurdish Regions of North East Syria. Civilians are being displaced from their homelands after the Kurds stayed and fought the Islamic State on behalf of the whole world to dilute the Kurdish population to prevent them from having any self determination. The Syrian Democratic Forces upheld their side of the bargain and over saw the only peaceful and democratic area of Syria that welcomed all ethnicities and religions and they lost 11,000 people being our ground forces so U.S. Soldiers didn't need to die fighting ISIS. The Republic of Turkey is, through this forceful displacement of a specific ethnic group, violating Articles 49 and 147 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV. Therefore we call for the removal of Turkey from NATO.

  2. turkey isn't welcome of their illegal corruptive caused problematic financial problems by their so called immigrant racist turkish businessman names ismail islamoglu as were gossiped claimed financials disputed problematic http://www.retrogamesmart.com's partnerships besides to be talked while witnessed hearings of financial contacts as were differed explained financial details by my own since before followed up my own asked financial contacts as caused my financial related problems later as before was interefered of my personal financial privacies made my written own explained financials unpaid totals wanted of this related financial matter while warned financials since bedore as weren't my financial responsibilities to wait as wasted my times due to unpaid business job totals as my contacted department of labor letter to defend my financial and civil rights regarding my legal U.S. citizen rights as weren't also paid of many discriminations done to me besides explained of my uncommon disputed faith and political affiliated illegal unknown business activities surrounded of my family's as their own business groups interests weren't my choices as my interrupted unorganized interefered bothered personal financial privacies caused financial difficulties while besides attacked by two attackers before made me unable to work as distanced strictly carefully as i try to protect my legal self defense if financial and civil related of my rights needed as my proofs due to unpaid financial totals as couldn't complete my own explained wanted financial rights to pay ! turks also discriminated me because my father is ethnically Kurdish by my father's ancestry side as were discriminatively gossiping making jokes of my father's and mother's business as i didn't accept while made me dispute my legal financial and civil rights as wanted follow up financials my own while wasn't permitted by my own explained suurounded negative people's pressured picky problematic surrounded financials worked surrounded financial factors as were my notified detailed financial warnings before while explained even my disputed financials with family's of their caused choices of business partnerships as weren't resulted financials as later my family lately realized financials of my disputed civil labor related details explained as their own even witnessed uncommonly of financial interests couldn't agree on the disputed problematic business of financials as continues of the financials caused problems due to this related reasons if is needed by IRS of my proofs in the future as won't be taking financial responsibilities of others caused financial problems as i disputed won't worry to yake any financial credits effected responsibilities done by surrounded negativities caused by financial caused problems done by people from my surroundings if aren't paid as weren't since before nothing financials caused problems to me will be fine for future as i followed up due to these related financial reasons

  3. Erdogan is the main ISIS Supporting againest civilians and civilian killer I call Erdogan is ISIS President as well .
    He is the shit 💩 man . I can't believe how us slow him to do what ever is not always to do in NATO . all hundreds of civilians been killed in cloud children's and Thousands displaced. It's shame on EU and US whats happening in Kurds land .

  4. The irony of a strong arm leader showing up on the first day of Trump's impeachment hearings. Hopefully this reminds the Republicans who spoke out against his invasion into Syria about who he is.

  5. IT was US secret service Fiasco, they should never allowed a hostile protestors some were out right affiliated with PKK terrorists that close to his residence a one lane street 70 feet away from the door. no other head of state ever faced a security breach like that, was done on porpoise, west have problem with Erdogan bz he is not been a puppet of the devious games of war and distraction by US and Israel of Turkish Neighbors since 1993, this is ridiculous, and I have a news for all Turks and Erdogan haters, losing the land of Anatolia where Turkey is a dominant force will cost West very dearly, anyone lost this land lose the upper hand, CIA State department Nato Europe are all aware of this fact, Turks are beginning to Trust Russian and Chinese more now bz of this hostile attitude under the directive of US's Master Israel. Turks are not going to tolerate wars raging in their border since 9/11, and US becoming a Israel's Hitman, add the Israel control media fake news whom sold us WMD's LIE in Iraq will cost US a most indispensable ally. things will never be the same for US if Turks decides to go the other way, they are not going to be an enemy of a superpower Russia and fist to defend first to die in a US Russian war as long and US is a Puppet of Israel. Period

  6. There is nothing wrong with Turkish President and Trump meeting, I think American Fake news are so full of Hate of Trump that they constantly show their fangs, it is disgusting really, we are all witnessing how deep the deep state is intertwined with our News organizations, imagine that, they were trying to sell to American people with our corrupt Congress leading the way, the outlandish idea of our President is a Russian Spy and than, they are trying to sell us that, NATO ally, Turkey for 70 years, second largest army, NATO's Eastern Flank, is NOT our ally, but the declared terrorist organization PKK /YPG (US,Europe, Turkey) is our Ally, this is the most twisted, crazy, daily reporting of an insane indulgence of our so called Free press folks.just like they all had in orchestrated manner almost all together, they bombarded us with WMD's LIES in Iraq and result? cost trillions of dollars , countless, over 2 million civilians and children dead.still dyin(500.000 Iraqi children according to Medaline Allbright secretary of state of that time) and over 6.000 American soldiers dead, and 14.000 maimed, 148.000 with Mental disorders .our FAKE news organization is the enemy of the people like Trump said. 9 individuals are in control and have ownership of these mass media, and they all work for Deep state ,whom loves the Wars and work very closely with defense contractors, they love the endless wars, now we have a new enemy, Turkish president.maybe Turkey, sure to bring on WW3.

  7. Turkey's Erdogan Jailed 261 journalists for 60 years , Occupied 50km stretch of entire length border in syria to wipe out kurds.
    Killed Thousands of kurds supporting ISIS.
    He is a War criminal who should be hanged to death.

  8. I'm suspicious of trump doing something that looks presidential on the first day of his impeachment inquiry. I think we all know by now he's making backroom deals to enrich himself and to hell with America. A skunk does not change its stripes, and Trump's history speaks for itself. Fake University, fake charities, promise money for veterans did not happen. How can people still believe in a man who is surrounded by criminals, and has multiple charges against him. I always believed Kennedy's death was an inside job, Trump existence confirm my beliefs. He is just a front man making a lot of noise while the Republicans do their dirty business unobserved. Democrats, Republicans it doesn't matter. I'm 71 and grew up in a time when a blue collar worker could buy a new home a new car take vacations, and save for retirement. The government has whittled away all of that out of greed, and Power. Most of this occurred after Kennedy was assassinated. If the government wanted him gone, he would be gone. The clown is a convenient distraction.

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