TWA Hotel JFK- Spent The Night at NYC's NEW RETRO HOTEL Inside an Old Airport Terminal 😱 !

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46 thoughts on “TWA Hotel JFK- Spent The Night at NYC's NEW RETRO HOTEL Inside an Old Airport Terminal 😱 !”

  1. What did you think of the hotel? Would you stay at the TWA Hotel, why or why not? Check out my other NYC Videos linked down below.
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  2. Unless your bill gates don't think there going to sell many rooms to the general public ! I live in Howard beach and me any my friend used to pay hookie from school and hang there at twa,pan am & national terminals.this is back in the 70's ! By the way a full breakfast at national was like 3.50 ! Sitting along side the runway with huge glass windows.not much in security back in the days ! We used to sit in the cockpit seats ! I once met wilt chamberlain at twa ! He was eating 2 hot dogs from a cart they used to have.

  3. This reminds me of BDL airport in Ct. I was born there, in New Britain. The check in concourse was parallel to the tarmac, and you could go to the airport upon check in for your flight and watch planes take off for hours, it was quite close in fact. Then the red carpet. The carpet going from the old security gate to the gates was red, and had that old style decor. Back then, you really did not have that strict a security presence in the airport, neither did you have later on in MIA. You could get right to the gates and the planes. I spent a lot of time as a kid flying from BDL to MIA. And you got a WINGS pin, we used to get them as kids, we used to fly that corridor on Eastern way back when. I remember BDL being that old style 1960's into the 70's decor. Interesting video. But like you said $300.00 + p/night is a bit steep, and $26.00 for a burger, that is highway or better yet airport robbery … My barrio shirt is en route to me right now. Can't wait for it to arrive. Will Insta it soon.

  4. Yeah I'd have to take a pass on staying there. At least till they're open long enough to work out the bugs. As always, thanks for the informative and entertaining video BarrioBrother! Oh…….and Adriana's hair looks MAAAARVELOUS! Take care.

  5. £80 room top floor premier inn london gatwick with amazing views of the whole runway during peak season with multiple dinning options doesn't seem so expensive to me anymore !

  6. Thank you so much for doing a video on this! So excited to click on it when it popped up on my YouTube feed. I would love to go see it, have a drink, take pictures etc just because I'm a huge mid century modern fan & I adore the architecture!😍 I'm SO glad they chose not to destroy this building!💕
    It's rather spendy, yes, but given how much they spent to restore it & turn it into a hotel…they gotta recoup it somehow😂

  7. Love video & your review. Yeah, a bit expensive but paying for the environment as well.
    Food- a place like this needs at least 3 or 4 restaurants to be a great hotel.

  8. What a fantastic idea, I'm an aviation buff, so I would stay there. On the theme of retro hotels, I stayed in a very retro hotel called the Jane hotel. It really is like stepping back in time, from the old fashion elevator, to the staff in their bell hop uniforms. It's in the Meatpacking District, definitely worth checking out!

  9. The whole place is super cool, from the architecture to the retro theme. Glad it’s been preserved. The short term rental is a great idea, allowing some time to clean up and relax either before or after a flight.

  10. totally remember flying out of the TWA terminal…glad they sort of preserved it…but what a rip off and the novelty factor will fade rapidly…cant see the hotel lasting very long

  11. I have vivid memories of flying in and out of the TWA terminal when it was TWA's hub at JFK. I'm delighted it is revived and can't wait to visit/stay. Well done.

  12. I remember walking through the long tunnel with the red carpet after returning from Paris. As I came into the main lobby I swear I heard a choir of angels singing. It was that impressive.

  13. What a cool place, but what's that?? A chip and pin card reader!? Has the USA joined the modern world at last? I'm only half kidding. I actually have to enable the mag stripe on my European credit cards when I travel to the USA. They are deactivated by default in England.

  14. I agree. Unless is an emergency situation, where your flight got cancel and you need to stay overnight and don't want to go far, then this is perfect. Other than that, who would want to stay there?

    However, I do see pilots and airline employees utilizing this hotel more than the average Joe for obvious reasons. I would assumed they would get a discount and it would be great not to have to wake up early and not have to go too far to other hotels. Specially if you have to be back at the airport early. This can be the first of many airport hotels that can start this new trend.

  15. Deja Vu for me. I spent a lot of time in that terminal back in the '60's…either departing TWA for ATH or just stopping by with my husband for a drink to watch the planes take off and land. It was a beautiful, state of the art terminal back then and I'm happy to see it was not demolished but is now a hotel! I'll definitely be staying overnight when I can!

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