Types of Hotel Guests

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21 thoughts on “Types of Hotel Guests”

  1. This has made my day omg never laughed so much! I filmed a similar videos but not nearly as good haha hotel beds are never as bouncy as you hope it’s unfortunate really 😂😂💕💕

  2. My mother is the unpacker and it drives me up the wall – you're just more likely to accidentally leave something behind, you're not even going to wear that jumper while we're here, leave it in the bag!

  3. I saw your new vid and almost thought it was one of your oldies that I revisit cause you're amazing, and then was like woah hold the hotel phone, here she is!!!
    So bloody good – I'm defs the make receptionist your mate guest haha xx

  4. Fun fact, since you mentioned kids are ugly: babies do not have the golden ratio that everything else does, grown ups, animals, trees, etc. so instantly, even though we don't admit it or realise it, they seem ugly to us.

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