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37 thoughts on “Types of People in a hotel Ft. Kusha Kapila | OYO FriYAY Diaries”

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  2. When you are middle class amd get a chance to stay at a luxurious place for the first time – Chaaro taraf kohra hai kohra hi kohra Mummy re baap re daada re.

  3. I am the hoarder…once I was stealing the small bottles of shampoo and I got caught and the housekeeper had no idea how to react and he simply went away😂😂😂 I felt soo embarrassed… well anyway I hope that I win this giveaway 😂😂

  4. Literally me last weekend : Omg, bathroom is bigger than my room? 😱
    Balcony bhi Hai? 😨
    Biotique ka shampoo bhi Hai? 😭
    Couple friendly bhiiiii? I know banda ni Hai, but agar hotaaa 😱

    Also, @Kusha- Lost it at, "what a coincidence, bro 😂Paed ka role hi krti thi."

    Ab OYO ROOMS Mai aye hai toh Khushi toh honi chahiye naaa, but Khushi se pehele "Coco bhaiyaaa , coco bhaiya kahaan chaley gayee aap, oh my gawdd Coco bhaiya Mai Bata nai Sakti kitni excited hogayi hoon Mai idhar akeyy , totally furnished room with split AC and budget friendly….aap bhi jaldi ajaiye coco bhaiya , let's inhale oxygen together bhaaiya jii… 💟💃🌬️🌌

  6. Yeh toh pata tha ek din mai bhi famous ho jaungi par infamous karne ki jo yeh saajish rachi hai uski toh baat hi kuch aur hai! Wah kusha di waah! Ab sabko zara yeh bhi bata do 4 saal se kisko duniya ke har hotel ki souvenir laake de rahi hun 🙄 hmph. Aayi badi Hoader Himani. Chal yahan se nikal chal futt

  7. FANCY FARAH, obviously, because we are jaddi, unlike the plebs trying hard to fit in and backend doing cheap things.Hahahaha, no class you see, allergies, aur humara to aroma hi infectious hai.

  8. @kushakapila I don’t know if this can be possible, but my husband is like all of them.., he takes stuff from the hotel like HIMANI 🦑, then like FANCY FARAH he always has to eat “something nice” and go “someplace nice”, then he always loses the room key when we return drunk and incapacitated 🤮like JAYA, he is really noisy and doesn’t let me sleep👺like NEERU, and if we sometimes get an upgrade then he is super excited like OJASVI that we tend to have the best sex. 🥰🥰

  9. Lewl kusha❤️❤️🤣🤣 I’ve stayed in oyo for almost all of my vacations … the first thing I do is take out my phone ask for a wifi password and Put a story of the property with #oyorooms the second thing I do is check for all the things that are of my use in the room and try to use it as much as possible to utilise most of my money Till the time I’m staying there😂😂

  10. Hoarder Himani definitely because jitna pay Kiya hai usmain toh yeh sab included hona hi chahiye. Can't say no to freebies na. Especially travel size toiletries even though I know I will not use them. They are like momentos from the trip. They only ones which I get anyway.😉😉 Much like the Indian family in the hotel in Bali. 😏

  11. Hahaha.. This week only I stayed in oyo rooms with friends.. As usual safe and clean.. and no matter how much we grow up- we are always up for the free toiletries 🙈 .. asked for 5 sets, evn the helper was laughing at us and asked mam – maam aap kitne dino k liye ho ?? 🙈😜😂 ( he might me afraid we might rob evrythng) .. but while leaving we have him a good tip.. and those boutiques sets were left at places much needed. Two at public places washrooms and Two to poor people on chaupatty street and taught them the importance of cleanliness.. one we used it till the last drop .. 😊 Anyways Thanku oyo for making our trip best evrytime 😍

  12. Kusha can do anything and make it look funnier, amazing woman. These rooms in the video seems pure luxury and surely would be pocket friendly because that is what OYO does, they know who broke we are 😂
    OYO rooms are the only reason I can plan trips with many friends and really make them happen! Amazing price, food, amenities and ofcourse- The friendly staff!

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