ULTIMATE Lobster Tail Buffet! The Silverton Las Vegas All You Can Eat Lobster

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45 thoughts on “ULTIMATE Lobster Tail Buffet! The Silverton Las Vegas All You Can Eat Lobster”

  1. I just ate a wonderful dinner and then I had a thought…" maybe I'll sit down and watch All You Can Vegas"… and here I am 15 minutes later and all I can think of is where can I get some lobster tonight. LOL. This is one of the few videos were you given such a sterling review. Next time I'm in Vegas I'm going to give that place a try. Keep up the good work man

  2. This one seems like a keeper! I seriously wished I would have known about this when I was in Vegas this past November! I love lobster! 😀 What is one of your favorite buffets Derek? This one? 😀

  3. Tokyo fried chicken will give Col. Sanders a run for his … cluck-cluck … money any day. Tasso sauce is made from the oink-oink not the cluck-cluck and may be of Acadian provenance.

  4. YUM,YUM,YUM and more YUM!😋 You out did yourself this time. You could barely contain your excitement over the food served! Keep up the good work! Enjoyable video as always! MORE LOBSTER 🦞PLEASE!

  5. Wow I’m really impressed with the quality of the food and for only $38 that is a great bargain . Thanks again for the tip and the video keep em coming Man 👍

  6. I've heard of this place. I think to keep the wait down you have to be in line at 3:30 for the 4 PM opening. One of the few videos you have done where you really liked the food.

  7. The Dark Meat side of the force pulled you to the fried chicken! What a great deal at the Silverton! Both versions of the lobster looked great. The tasso shrimp looked great too. Tasso is ham or cured pork shoulder. Tasso is the style of meat used to flavor other dishes too. Another great video and another great place to eat at! #5Forks

  8. Thx Derrick. Looks amazing. Which type of lobster did you like best ? Also if you peel the lobster out of its shell in one direction it'll come out smooth, other way its not going to come out smoothly. Also where's Silverton casino located? Your truly the master of these dining videos. Cheers

  9. You got your money worth on the first plate, everything after that is just bonus. This is the video which make me want to jump out of my chair, grab my debit card, and start heading toward Las Vegas.

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