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26 thoughts on “UNDEAD COTTAGE…SAVE YOUR VACATION (Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies)”

  1. Haha the way you play zombies is why i got into 90% of arguements with my friends when i was younger, you do unintentional ( and intentional) small dick moves all the time and it brings back memories lol

  2. im not sure if you played this but you should check it out if you haven't its called Nightmare at the Krusty Krab and it is basically cod zombies but im not sure if its multiplayer tho

  3. Is It Just Me,Or Is It That Meaty Never Goes Down?????? The Only Ways He Goes Down Is If He would to get trapped in a corner or if he ran out of ammo and ran into a corner but my gosh he is a COD Zombie God lol

  4. You should try a map called night of the undead its like natch der untoten meets shadows of evil. Or try a map called luck of the irish both are fantastic maps. Great zombie vids guys keep it up.

  5. I personally liked the old zombie map and modded maps but these new call of duty zombies map is not like what it was when they made the maps good but I tip my hat off to Meaty and Gunn’s to do these kinds of map that start off with shiny guns then you work up to good guns but in black ops 4 you start off with guns that are stronger and powerful but thanks Meaty and Gunn’s for playing this map and great gameplay you guys.

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