Undercover Boss – Bellstar Hotels & Resorts S3 E5 (Canadian TV series)

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39 thoughts on “Undercover Boss – Bellstar Hotels & Resorts S3 E5 (Canadian TV series)”

  1. He's more worried about the sheet press and bed frame than he is about the explosive chemicals and lack of safety equipment? He wanted to speak up immediately about a damn bed frame? But didn't immediately shut down the acid and bleach situation?

  2. It takes a CEO of a company to get a sheet press fixed that's ridiculous and disgusting.
    You actually had the guts to mention safety glasses when those people work hard for you that's ridiculous and disgusting. Safety glasses at 3 for $10.
    You have to go all the way to the CEO to buy safety glasses that's ridiculous and disgusting. And it shows how disconnected supervisors and managers are from what's actually going on.
    You know why things get so bad, it's because you guys in that office don't do anything except that sit on your fat asses you don't pay attention to the details.
    The supervisor let that girl go a year-and-a-half without any reviews or raises.
    Lazy Lazy Lazy Lazy Lazy Lazy Lazy.
    Shame Shame Shame Shame Shame Shame Shame.

  3. I love this show it shows how people works together I worked at a landfill love working outside but the bosses didnt care rats ass about you love my job no pay raise but some special but kissers got pay raise I didnt care I wasnt going be a ass kisser wish we had someone go under cover see what I'm talking about my health started going down hill cant work still think about it

  4. I have now seen about 4 or 5 of these rather silly episodes and they are all rehearsed and the same every time.
    Sob heart stories of every person they help.
    Silly ridiculous and rather stupid money making episodes that are all acted and rehearsed.

  5. I love these programmes but it's sad that it has to take a manager going undercover for things to come to light which supervisors and line managers should be looking out for.

  6. Although the show means well, it illustrates such a tragic fact about the world in which we live: human beings are the only species on the planet who have to work in order to survive; and, today's corporations and their "leaders" are making their employees work harder than ever, and for less. "Recognition" used here in context of reward or punishment simply reinforces this tragic state of affairs. I feel for all of these employees, who although "bust their asses" for this slave driver, have so much more within them to fulfill than working their asses off for pennies on the dollar. Truly, very sad.

  7. I just hope that while undercover he never put on his wig backwards. Thank God no one farted during the warm up exercises with the employees. Those Indian farts are lethal.

  8. cheap asses… next show…they act like they are doing the worker a favor to provide them with the necessary things they should have to do their jobs.. big deal week vacation on me.. pfft…

  9. Hotel can get a efficient and good services from housekeeping staff if they have a right inspector and not a bias racist like mexican and russian !!!70 HOUSEKEEPER in just 200 rooms that was so easy rather than working 20 rooms in r4 different floors with 1 elevator in a 15 floor building with 35 rooms per floor

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