Undisputed | Problem with Cowboys expecting Dak to take less to stay in Dallas? – Skip & Shannon

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24 thoughts on “Undisputed | Problem with Cowboys expecting Dak to take less to stay in Dallas? – Skip & Shannon”

  1. Shannon is such a moron. He doesn't seem to understand that that the cap is finite, and the QB position is already overpaid relative to other positions. Paying a QB at or above market value, all but guarantees that the team is going to have to replace established veterans with less experienced players.

  2. Ohh man. Every damn time they talk about this….does Shannon not understand the difference in salary CAP and just paying the guy outta pocket? I'm an Eagles fan so go right ahead and overpay him, only hurt the rest of your team's roster hahaha. But you have to understand only so much salary can be paid out under the cap. I'd wanna win games and championships more than a few extra million. To put it into context…if Jerry could just go pay all the best free agents top money and resign best current players for top money, he would. That's the point of the salary cap! … It's pretty straight forward lol.

  3. Yes, The FACT is simple. If Dak wins a super bowl in Dallas as a pretty good or pro bowl player. He will get a minimum of 20-30 million dollars in endorsements, engagements and future Jobs. First super bowl for Dallas in 30 plus years? A chance at the ring of honor etc. win Multiple and a shot at the hall of fame? Yes I’d take a yearly discount for that. I’d ask for a little more guaranteed, but I’d take a discount to win. Guaranteed money is all that matters anyway. They restructure and extend and you might not see the big numbers anyway.

  4. These guys are twisting their own arguments to fit their narrative. Skip always raves about Dak but now he has to take a "hometown discount". Dak already said he is not doing that. And why are they talking about Wilson/Rodgers money? He deserves 25+ million and Skip doesnt even want to give that, because he know then his Cowboys wont even win the division. And Shannon only cares about the bet, he now thinks Dak is amazing

  5. Skip Bayless is out of his damn mind as usual with his bullshit hell who knows how long these guys have to play you think you want to go out there and get broke up Jerry Jones going to take care of yeah he give him a little money here and there who's caring about that bullshit paid a man now

  6. Dak Prescott made less than a backup center in the National Football League for three years in a row. If you ask me he has to make them pay NOW. After that first year they should have renegotiated his contract because he came out elite! First year 13+3. Then went 9+7. With a mediocre team then came back and gave you a 10+6 good season. This man is severely underpaid! Even Patrick Mahomes got 16 million… he's only in his third year. Dak got fucked and he knows it!

  7. Dak has no choice but to take less money. He is not on the level of an Aaron Rodgers or a Russell Wilson. These guys have competed in multiple Super Bowls what has Prescott done other than win maybe two playoff games if that? But then again Jerry Jones is old and senile so…..

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