Universal's Endless Summer Resort Food Preview (Watch for Laughs) | Universal Edition | 05/30/19

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50 thoughts on “Universal's Endless Summer Resort Food Preview (Watch for Laughs) | Universal Edition | 05/30/19”

  1. That was the funniest food review ever! Thought I’d tuned in to the outtakes from Point Break (Keanu and Patrick, not the god awful other one). You make even the most pedestrian topics fun. Love it.
    Thanks for your responses to my question.

  2. OMG, somehow this video got lost amongst all the Galaxy's Edge coverage in my notifications! You guys crack me up every time. Can't wait to see you in August!
    Edited to add: only you guys could have such an awesome 30 minute conversation about breakfast pizza!

  3. You know I love you guys and you know I have to comment with "value added info" – 3 kinds of chowda = New England is milk based, Manhattan is tomato based -nothing to do with the state of New York or the city of New York it originated in Rhode Island – older people like me associate this type with the old RI theme parks of Rocky Point and Crescent Park, and Rhode Island style – which is served with clear broth and cream on the side that you pour in to taste – one of the best places to try this is Aunt Carrie's in Narragansett

  4. Ha!! I'm eating a BK Croissanwich as I watch this! (sausage, egg & cheese, for the record) And as the owner of a pizzeria, that pic of the breakfast pizza looks awesome!
    And, OMG, I choked on my croissanwich when Ryno said "and I'm a man who loves sausage"! 😂

  5. You guys are great! Here's a question for ya:

    If Academy of Villains doesn't return to HHN, what is a show that you'd like to see? (Not Bill and Ted)

  6. I'm tired of restaurants here trying to play up the idea of 80's SoCal or Northwestern food trends. When will execs recognize that Florida has its own cuisine? Art Smith's restaurant at Disney Springs is a prime example of how successful "local" menus can be. The Endless Summer menu lacks inspiration and creativity, but maybe that is because this is a 'value' resort? Aventura, at least, had interesting food options. You can get breakfast pizza with a sausage gravy base at a convenience store. Why not offer a Cuban sandwich inspired by Tampa? Or Cuban inspired baked chicken with onions, black beans and rice? A catch of the day with hushpuppies, authentic southern baked mac-n-cheese, or cheese grits and other regional sides? Where is the fish or shrimp at this coastal inspired retreat? What does a lackluster looking tofu bowl really have to do with any of the theming? Granted, I'm excited about less obvious options but as you guys alluded to in the podcast, this seems phoned in. I do agree on the photography. It was crisp and sunny, so they got that right.

  7. Wow, Fl wanting to be like CA, lol. A few things that FL would have to look forward to: Human feces, urine, and used drug needles everywhere, excruciatingly high cost of living and housing costs, rampant homelessness, etc. Ahhh, the sweet smell of CA!

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