Urgent travel warning after bomb near Egyptian pyramids

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21 thoughts on “Urgent travel warning after bomb near Egyptian pyramids”

  1. Really smart going there ! State Department been giving Waring's about that part of the world . Stupid people still going anyway . Then crying when something happens ! Wake up stupid people. 5-20-19 Dallas TX. 3:43 pm.

  2. Damn what a shame. This sounds way to artificial and scripted, part of there weekly series to mind control the world into thinking Islam is a religion of killing when in facts it’s a religion of peace. I’m not surprised anymore, they might even announce that isis claims responsibility just to scare people off even more from Islam and Egypt. Way to go US intervening in everything you can get your hands on 🙂 Islam is a religion of peace what the media portrays is a handful of extremists so Muslims don’t consider to be even Muslims as they violate Islamic law. Thank you and have a great day 😀❤️❤️

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