*US Navy Patent Verifying–Interdimensional Travel-Free Energy-Electric Universe-TR3B?**

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21 thoughts on “*US Navy Patent Verifying–Interdimensional Travel-Free Energy-Electric Universe-TR3B?**”

  1. I've seen lots of proof that "we" have several different flying objects that look like UFO'S. Many have been filmed and photographed, but labled as UFO'S. Why would our government need these kinds of crafts? Why have they been filmed over and over with no military in site? It's because they are military. Perhaps not all, but many. So our military already has equipment to use for a false alien invasion.

  2. It has just came to pass, spoken of on Tucker Carlson (I'm pretty sure that is who did the story). All air pilots have been given a gag rule to NOT disclose or talk about what they witness in our skies. Well, now they're allowed to!!!!

  3. WOW Wow… every single word you spoke here today resonated with me and was so sincronistic with my awakening and all that I am learning right now. I’d say we are on a similar path in our reason for being here to help others at this time.. thank you and Bless You
    Oh and a Huge well done on the TR3B patent great heads up and research there.

  4. You can patent anything. If you can show no one else has one, can show the invention/application has possible functional improvement or original design to what may already exist. Thats it. You do t have to put it together or even show that it works. Most patented products dont work, at least on their own.
    The whole premise for this episode is false.

  5. So in 1991 I decided to step over the guard rail looking out west completely face the ocean in southern California ,Encinitas laying in the ice plants looking up about to smoke my joint and I saw clearest day but it was at night a triangle that flew above pass me towards the east as I was facing west with the swish sound. It was all dark grey with metal Tetris looking formation put together into a triangle. And that’s my story ,It changed my life. Question everything.

  6. Alot of people say we should stay clear from things that could conjure or tap into a realm we may not be ready for. Please proceed with caution all whom are exploring theroys.

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